As houses, offices, and buildings use electricity, natural gas, and flammable liquids every day, every corner in the world is becoming prone to disasters, specifically fire. When hazardous materials such as explosives, poisonous gases, corrosives, and radioactive materials corrode, ignite, or react with other materials in the presence of heat, humans, animals, or the whole environment is endangered. Fire is becoming one of the major causes of disaster or catastrophe. However, the number one reason for triggering a life-threatening disaster can be pin-pointed to negligence.

People are oftentimes too busy or maybe too lazy to inspect, think, and evaluate on things that may lead to tragedy, injury and sometimes death. They forget to care about and notice the foreseeable risks, thus making them responsible and accountable for the consequences of their acts.

Fire safety and prevention is significant to every human life. Fire departments and the authorities are now providing their service to inspect old and new buildings and promoting the use of fire protection equipment that may detect and prevent fire. It is important that you have even the simplest or most common tool that can protect you, your house, or your office against fire. For average homes and buildings, fire alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers or a fire escape ladder are good tools.

Fire brigades, on the other hand, must have personal protective suit such as helmet, fireproof gear, all-leather work gloves, heavy shoes and gas and dust mask. Other essential safety equipment includes emergency kits, body protection, respiratory protection, fire suits and blankets, and safety belts. While for large-scale fire fighting departments, their fire protection equipment comprise of powered tools, portable generator sets, rescue tools, water pumps, lighting, and audible warning devices. Road safety equipment, sirens, and safety signage will also be a good warning and protection for by-passers and by-standers.

All equipment should be used with proper orientation, knowledge, and if possible, training. For home users, it is necessary to check and be well aware of the instructions and usage of each fire device and equipment available. Aside from that, they must also consider proper set-up and maintenance program to maximize the functions of each. Otherwise, it might be too late to realize that the equipment they purchased are defective, useless, and may cost them even more.

While firefighters, fire engineers, safety engineers, and other fire-fighting related professionals must have substantial orientation, appropriate trainings and certifications, extensive background, practices, and experience concerning fire protection equipment so they can do their duties well, we all need to at least master handling and usage of all these fire tools too. Statistic shows that securing fire and safety protection equipment in several homes and establishments safely extinguished 80% of fires in the last few years. The numbers will prove how important it is to be equipped with these tools and to be efficient in using them as well. Life is at stake when the pangs of fire bite into homes and other establishments. This is the number one reason why fire safety tools play a very important role in the society.

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