Viking Energy (VKIN) Completes Acquisition: Estimated PDP Reserves $16.3mm; Total Proved $29.76mm

The acquired company is the same company referenced in the press release issued by Viking on November 13, 2017, and in Viking’s Current Report on Form 8-K filed on the same date with the Securities and Exchange Commission and available under "Investors -- SEC Filings" at features of the acquired company and its assets include [...]

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Fuel Oil Juneau Ak

Alaska Motor Fuel Tax Instructions. 0405-530i Revised 01/10 . If a dealer sells bunker fuel (residual fuel oil #6 diesel), to be used in and on watercraft, the dealer JUNEAU AK 99811-0420 PENALTIES If payment is late, ... Retrieve ContentBy KARINNE WIEBOLD Alaska’s Housing MarketBy KARINNE WIEBOLD Alaska’s Housing Market Characteris cs, Fuel oil, kerosene 32.2% [...]

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Russian Natural Gas Reserves Management

As the country with the world's largest proven natural gas reserves, Russia should be feeling pretty great about their energy resources in this new millennia. Russia possesses a staggering 1,680 trillion cubic feet of natural gas; nearly double that of Iran, the nation holding the next largest supply. Unfortunately for Russia, ever since the dissolution of [...]

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Crude Oil Exports And Imports

In January 2010, the prices for Crude oil and gasoline fell. Crude oil was sold at $77.74 per barrel. China has become the world's largest oil consuming country followed by the United States of America. The other major oil consuming countries are India, Japan, Brazil, France, Mexico, etc. These countries consume nearly 2.1 million barrels to [...]

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2017, Investment In New Energy Industry Outlook

As our country Energy Relatively poor, making our country New Energy Considerable industry attention, the Government introduced a number of policy support and guidance for renewable energy and new energy development. The December 7, the 192 countries Environment Ministers and other officials will convene a United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen, on future global action to [...]

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How Propane Gas Detector Works

If you are having gas propane in your home, you need to buy gas detector to save your home or business. You can find different varieties of gas detectors. If you do not have any previous knowledge about gas detector, it is difficult for you to buy a good one. This article will give you the [...]

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Kids Toy Storage Solutions

There are many ways to tackle clutter in kids' bedrooms. Kids toy storage solutions come in many forms and applications including a storage bed, closet system, and toy boxes. Kid's toys, clothing, accessories, and books can all be stored neatly so your children can easily access and put away their own things. Toys are especially important [...]

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What To Know About Gas Furnace Prices

Reliable gas furnace prices are only acquired from licensed contractors. Licensed heating, ventilating and air conditioning contractors are capable of providing you the estimates that you need to obtain an efficient warming system at home. Such estimates include the pricing for your gas furnace; efficiency rates will also be disclosed.Highly efficient gas furnaces today can deliver, [...]

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Recently Charcoal Is Used For Horticulture

HubPages»AutosCharcoal for energy production: Charcoal has as of late become more attractive as fuel for energy production.Updated on April 5, 2011 fakrulsuman moreContact Author Charcoal for energy production: Charcoal has as of late become more attractive as fuel for energy production. Why? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using charcoal. Also compare the air emissions from [...]

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Why Use A Cooking Oil Filtration System?

Food experts will immediately advise any establishment to go ahead and utilize a cooking oil filtration system. The problem with frying ranges that use cooking oil fry food is that food being cooked constantly deposits particles into the oil while being cooked. This causes a large amount of sediment to become present in the oil. What [...]

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