As our country Energy Relatively poor, making our country New Energy Considerable industry attention, the Government introduced a number of policy support and guidance for renewable energy and new energy development. The December 7, the 192 countries Environment Ministers and other officials will convene a United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen, on future global action to address climate change signed the new agreement, at which China, India and other developing countries need to stand, due to the emphasis on low-carbon industry. Therefore, we believe that our new energy and Energy Reduction Industry will usher in a new opportunity for development. Throughout the previous Financial View the crisis will have a number of new industry downturn rise, we expect the new energy industry will likely be out of this crisis is the bright spot, it is likely China’s capital market in the future for a long time investment themes.

tube plate automatic weldThe government raised electricity prices, new energy generation to reduce the cost and price spreads. As Solar Energy Higher than the cost of new energy such as electricity generation, had to take the way of subsidies for early promotion, Sell Price upward, narrowing the spread between the two, will further enhance the promotion of new energy initiative.

In the recently held “China Clean Energy Summit”, the National Development and Reform Commission said Li Junfeng, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute, next year, basically to achieve “renewable energy in primary energy in the proportion of 10%” target The current proportion of renewable energy in China 9%. The new energy policy if issued, would constitute a relevant role in promoting the industry, hydropower accounted for a proportion of energy from the end of 2008, 5% to 8% next year, which means that the hydropower generation capacity in the next two years will surge 60% The wind of a percentage point means that the growth of wind power generation capacity to double, while solar energy, nuclear energy, new energy industry will also grow substantially.

National Energy Board, Project Wu Guihui division has an international circulation in 2009, economic forum, said the high-end, our use of renewable energy in 2008 total approximately 250 million tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 600 million tons. The renewable energy is becoming our most dynamic and most promising new industries.

The wealth effect and stimulate the additive effect, a group of new energy companies rising fast in China and growth. The rise of the new energy industry and its future development is expected to also provide investors with new opportunities. So some analysts expected, with the energy supply shortages and continued high coal prices, in 2012, conventional thermal power generation will exceed the price of 1 yuan, if the development of photovoltaic power generation, as expected, shows, the full funding will be sought after the policy , the PV industry will usher in explosive growth. At the same time, inexhaustible of wind power, alternative fuels Oil The bio-energy, nuclear technology will be mature in the future for a long period of time will show a trend of rapid development, and opportunities in the capital markets is a long-term performance of the layout.

Nuclear power: Nuclear power is currently running the most stable, lowest-cost new energy, in China more and more important. At present, China has formed a large-scale quantities of nuclear power development structure, the development prospects of nuclear power in China.

Under the new energy development planning data, 2020 China’s installed nuclear power capacity will reach 80 million kilowatts, with a total investment of about 900 billion yuan. In 2015, China will have been built from 9 to 10 nuclear power plants. In addition to the coastal provinces of our country, the inland provinces are also actively apply for nuclear power plant project, a rapid increase in planned nuclear power plant site. Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Sichuan, Gansu, Henan and Jilin provinces in the active site of the declared nuclear power plant work.

Since China decided to develop nuclear power as clean energy sources to address the problem of energy shortage and environmental pollution, then build inland nuclear power on the “imperative.” Internationally, most countries will be nuclear power plant built in the interior, such as France, the number of inland nuclear power plant in the country accounted for 65.1% of the total, the United States accounted for 75.1%.

Forecast by 2020, China’s nuclear power installed capacity will reach 70 million kilowatts, then, China’s installed generating capacity of about 15 million kilowatts, nuclear power will account for 7% of electricity.

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