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Oil Tanker

Oil tankers were once the only means of transporting petroleum. Even petroleum that needed to be transported across land was often loaded onto an oil tanker and shipped via water channel to a port close to its destination. However, during World War II, a great number of oil tankers were sunk by German U-boats in an [...]

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The Kiss Of Life

A kiss is a thing of beauty - it excites, invigorates, inspires and is one of the most intimate expressions of love that we have. The effect of a kiss should never be taken for granted. It therefore makes a lot of sense to ensure that the lipstick that you use improves your kisses and makes [...]

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Crude oil Location and Extraction

Locating Oil Deposits When it comes to finding oil, geologists are the ones responsible. Geologists use their knowledge of rock formations in order to find the right conditions for an oil trap. In years past, geologists were forced to interpret surface features, surface rock, soil types, and occasionally core samples obtained by shallow drilling in order [...]

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Heavy Crude Oil

Like light crude, the definition of heavy crude varies by region and by the organization making the determination. In general, if it has an API gravity less than 20, it is considered heavy. At an API gravity of 10, crude oil will have the same density as water. Any API below 10 and the crude sinks [...]

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Orange Energy Fuel Oil

California Energy Commission Workshop on Elevated Gasoline prices . Johnny Thomasson . Director crude oil, carbon dioxide (CO 2) and more. We also store or handle a variety of products and materials at our terminals such as gasoline, jet fuel, ... Content RetrievalSouthern California Petroleum Market AssessmentAppendix D3 Southern California Petroleum Market Assessment Pacific L.A. Marine [...]

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The Challenges of Accurate Interface Measurement

Interface or multiphase level measurements exist throughout the oil & gas streams as well as petrochemical. While level measurement technologies have come a long way in effectively measuring liquids and solids, multiphase level measurement continues to be the biggest challenge and opportunity that exists today to which there is no perfect technology. However, experience has shown [...]

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Good Ideas For Renovating Your Home

Doors are prone to damage caused by every-day use and weather exposure. As time goes by, the materials of exterior and interior doors can be prone to wear and tear and may need replacing or repaired. Take note that replacing them can be expensive but will provide more value for your money in the long run. [...]

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Best Natural Body Care Products For Dry Skin

Everyone's skin is different and many people are faced with various skin conditions. Dry skin can be caused by any number of these skin conditions but even those with fairly normal and healthy skin fall victim to dry skin during certain times of the year, such as winter. Here are some reasons your skin may be [...]

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Level Control for Treatment Applications in the Petroleum Refining Process

Chemical treatment in petroleum refining processes requires precise, reliable level control to safely and effectively measure media in high temperature, high pressure and caustic environments. Treatment operations in the petroleum refining process include the following level control applications. HYDRODESULFURIZATION Catalytic Hydrotreating treats hydrocarbon liquids in the presence of hydrogen. This process removes 90% of the sulfur, [...]

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Rick Perry, With Multiple Ties To CEO Of Controversial Pipeline Project, Tapped For Energy Dept

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, at Trump Tower this week, is on the board of Energy Transfer Partners, and its CEO was the biggest funder of his 2016 presidential bid. (Photo: Albin Lohr-Jones / Pool via CNP /MediaPunch/IPX)BY: ASHLEY BALCERZAKThe Dakota Access Pipeline protesters just got a new reason to keep their Standing Rock encampment intact: [...]

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