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Gas Prices Approach High Mark Set In 2017

  The American motoring public has always been wary of the price of gasoline. The awareness was the effect of the sky rocketing increase in the prices of gasoline in summer of last year. From then on, car buyers have opted for fuel efficient vehicles like hybrid electric models like the Toyota Prius. It seems that [...]

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Value added: Increasing the output of petroleum products

Having steadily invested in developing a growing industry of downstream petroleum products, the country has created an industrial base that adds value to the significant hydrocarbons output that is a core part of the country’s strategy to diversify the economy and to drive growth. Qatar Petroleum (QP) oversees or has played a role in almost all [...]

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Tantalum And The Electronics Industry

The earth has produced many things that are of great value to man. You will find the earth is filled with minerals and resources that have made man's life luxurious. Scrap Tantalum is one such bi-product that comes out of earth's elements.Tantalum comes into existence because of tin extraction. The name came into existence because it [...]

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Oil Mutual Funds

  The term mutual fund is quite self-explanatory in that it suggests a collection of funds from more than one individual, which is then invested in shares and bonds. Therefore, instead of unit investors, many investors mutually invest their wealth. However, the very advantage of a mutual fund can be a bane. Collective investment in mutual [...]

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Urea Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer

Nitrogen is vital for plant growth and it is taken from the soil in mineral form. It is then converted to plant protein to improve growth, vibrancy and strength. Urea fertiliser is placed on the surface of the soil, the area is watered heavily, and the chemical reaction converts it to ammonium bicarbonate. This is an [...]

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The Future Of The Oil Fields Services Industry To 2017

New report The Future of the Oil Fields Services Industry to 2015 - Rebound in Exploration and Drilling Activity Drives Growth provides an in-depth analysis of the global oil field services industry and highlights the various concerns, shifting trends and major regions in the global oilfield services industry. The report provides forecasts of the global oilfield [...]

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Introduction After growing rapidly through the early 1980's, the total value of shipments for the Refined Petroleum and Coal Product Industries  plunged to record lows by the end of that decade. A dramatic drop in product demand along with a crash in world oil prices affected most industries in the major group. In addition, growth was [...]

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Coleman Storage Cabinet

If you are considering buying a place to store some of your things that you just don't seem to have any room around the house for, you might want to consider purchasing a Coleman storage cabinet. Coleman is a trustworthy name that makes a variety of different things used for storage, including coolers. There are many [...]

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All You Wanted To Know About Vacancies In Kuwait

Kuwait is a great place to work overseas, with a population of about 3.4 million about 31% are Kuwaitis the rest of the population are individuals who make up the labor force. Kuwait is a personal income tax-free country this appeals to many people.   Climate in Kuwait of course is similar to the rest of [...]

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Gel Fire Places

Envision a set of false logs that you can put in anything, a bowl, a vase, a plate, a fire place hearth, perhaps? Now, as these logs are set in place, you take a lighter with some special gel fluid and after throwing it onto the logs, flames erupt like some kind of sorcery. This is [...]

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