People seek out self storage for a number of reasons these days. Many times it may be a move that requires some personal items to be stored during the transition. Perhaps it is a case of too much stuff, or even an office that needs to store old documentation. Whatever the reason you need self storage, you of course want to know the top self storage companies in the industry.

In the recent years, there are a great number of self storage companies that have cropped up. Some are great and some are not worth a darn. That being said, there are three companies that have been around for a great number of years and have a wonderful reputation and service record to go along with their names. These three champions of self storage are:

• Public Storage: Public Storage has been around since 1972 and now has over 2100 company run sites both here in the United States and in Europe. Public Storage offers a number of different sized storage units both air conditioned and non-air conditioned. On their website they have an interactive guide to help you decide what size will accommodate your needs. Still need help? They also offer a toll free number for you to call should run into a snag. A great feature with Public Storage is that they require no credit card or long term commitment for renting.

• U-Haul: That’s right; they aren’t just for moving trucks anymore. U-Haul has actually been offering self storage for a great number of years, but many are unaware that the company that they trust most when it comes to a moving truck will also give them access to a wide variety of storage units. Like Public storage, U-Haul has a toll free number that can be called if you need advice on what size storage unit you need. Some of the nice features with using U-Haul as your storage facility include, online bill pay, 24/7 security, and access to your unit even on weekends and holidays.

• U STORE IT: Of the three companies listed, U STORE IT is the baby of them all, but is rapidly catching up. U STORE IT has over 400 locations nationwide and is growing every year. U STORE IT offers online deals and even has a price match guarantee. Like its bigger counterparts, U STORE IT also offer a toll free number which can be called for advice and tips.

No matter where you are in the country you are bound to be close to one of these powerhouses in the self storage industry. If you need more assistance in finding a location near you, you can either use the location finder found on each company’s website, where you simply type in your zip code and have the closest location listed for you, or call the toll free number and simply ask where a close location is.

Storing your personal effects can be somewhat worrisome; they are after all your personal effects. Going with one of the best storage companies that are available makes you decision not only a little easier on your time, but on your mind as well.

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