You were always considering your future and a part of it was a career to sustain your need and your family. Most of you desires to work at a large industry because they may offer high compensation. Let us took focus on Maritime Industry, one of the biggest industry with high compensation rate which depends on the status of a its employee. Dock workers, seaman, radio officer, boat captain and crews, tanker or cargo ship employee, offshore rig workers ,electronics officer, barge men and ferry or water taxi workers were just a few jobs under a maritime industry.

It was not enough to have a career in one of the biggest industry, what you must consider and ask yourself was: “How risky this industry was?” Each industry has risk, an there was no exemption to it the only different was the situation and the level and kind of the risk that you engaged. For maritime industry, it was considered as one of the most risky industry. The different accidents and personal injuries taken account under the different company in various places under the maritime industry made justice the said statement. This was fact that was attached to the said industry.

You already know the how risky maritime industry was the next thought would be: “What were the reason behind those risk?” The primary reason behind the occurrence of accidents and personal injury was: due to the number of hours they were working, often time maritime workers was on long working hours than a standard working hours. Another was they were working away for a couple of months and was exposed to various chemicals, because of it they were lack in proper medication that results to a health complication and may end in a personal injury.

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 was passed by senator Wesley Jones. “What was the purposed of the mentioned Law?” Jones Act Law was the common name of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, this law supports the maritime workers, it was stated in the law the claims and the privileges of a maritime worker in the event that they suffers from an accident or a personal injury during their work. This serves as their protection to avoid negligence, because there were times that the company was not giving just privileges to their workers which was not supposed to be. As am maritime employee you must be protected as well and this was done by the Jones Act Law.

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Life seems to unpredictable, those who were not expected will came to life. For the workers rendering services to a maritime industry Jones Act Law was their shield while soaring the dangers of the open ocean.

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