The continuing problem in oil price hike is troubling the world today. More people have become smarter car owners have looked into the possibility of using other types of alternative fuels.

Naming the types of alternative fuels are Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, Compressed Natural Gas, Biodesel, Ethanol, Methanol, Electricity, Pure Plant Oils, and Hydrogen.

A Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is composed of hydrocarbons and propane; that is why it is sometimes known as propane. Hydrocarbons are vapors when the temperature is normal, but becomes liquid if the temperature is moderate. The chief sources of LPG are the oil refineries in California; yet for nationwide requirements, it comes from petroleum refining and from processing of natural gas. This suits smaller type of vehicles like light van or cars.

By the name itself, Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG comes from natural gas; that which you use for cooking and other home needs. The difference with LPG is that LNG needs cooling in extremely low temperature in order for it to be liquefied at the supply station.

Compressed Natural Gas is a natural gas likely used at home, that is chiefly and domestically produced in the United States. Importing is done through pipelines or on exclusive tanker ships. Because of the increasing demand for natural gas, the production has been hardly catching up to feed all the demands of the nations.

Biodiesel is more of a fuel substitute that is created from biomass, meaning it can be renewed naturally and does not endanger the condition of the atmosphere because of possible carbon-dioxide pollutant. It basically gets use of canola oil or soybean to form its base; sometimes a cooking oil recycled or animal fat can also be applied. Without any modification, 5% is only advised to be used in diesel-maintained vehicles.

Ethanol is also known as grain alcohol that is generated from biomass fermentation. Like biodiesel, it is rather safe from bringing in any possible undesirable condition to the atmosphere. It is made out of a combination of ethanol, whence E85, and unleaded gasoline.

Methanol is also known as wood alcohol. It is usually created from a natural gas, but can be possibly generated by biomass fermentation. However, this product is still undergoing more research and developmental procedures and is not advisable competitive.

For Electricity type, it can be acquired through burning of coal that contains high sulfur into solar cells. Vehicles using this type are identified either as battery or hybrid type. A hybrid electric type of vehicle can be made to run using any fuel like diesel, gasoline, or even the alternative types of fuels. Meanwhile, the power of battery electric type of vehicle comes from a generator that is off-board.

Pure Plant Oils are fuel from crops like palm, grapeseed, or nuts that are oil-based, crushed, and filtered. PPO has currently a very limited amount of supply. On the other hand, hydrogen fuel type is only used now in vehicles that are prototype. This has been said to be pollutant-free fuel.

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