1 Makezhake Berg

Age: 25 years old

Marital Status: Unmarried

In 2004, Mark founded the Harvard dormitory in a rage, Facebook.

2 John Arnold

Net assets: 4 billion U.S. 200,000 tons of methanol installation dollars

Fortune of the Road: energy trade

Nationality: American

John has been employed by Enron. Enron collapsed, he founded the hedge fund in 2002.

3 Yang Huiyan

Age: 28 years old

Net assets: 3.4 billion

She is the daughter of one of the founders of Country Garden Group – Yang Guoqiang, and hold 70% of the shares by the Group.


Age: 26

Net assets: 2.2 billion

Fortune of the Road: inheritance

Nationality: German

5 Fahd Hariri

Age: 29 years old

Nationality: Lebanese

Marital Status: Single

electric heating jacket reaction kettle

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s son, is now operating the empire his father founded, involved in finance, construction, petroleum, telecommunications, real estate and many other industries.

6 Aiman Hariri

Age: 31

Fortune of the Road: construction, investment

Nationality: Saudi Arabia

7 Tianzhong Lianghe

Age: 33 years

Net assets: 1.4 billion

Fortune of the Road: Internet

Nationality: Japanese

Founder of social networking sites Gree

8 Coast Young Ding Saweiguo

Age: 36

Net assets: 1.2 billion

Fortune of the Road: banks, mining

Nationality: Ukraine

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s aides, hold a large stake in Ukraine’s largest exporters of Ferrexpo pellets and financial credit banks.

9 Li Zhaohui

Age: 28

fortune of the Road: Manufacturing

Nationality: Chinese

Marital status: Unknown

In 2003, Shanxi Haixin Iron and Steel Group President Li Haicang got assassination, Li would return to inherit the company, now has become China’s largest private steel manufacturer.


Age: 36 years old

Net assets: one billion U.S. dollars

Fortune of the Road: Real Estate

Nationality: Indian

Marital Status: Married

DB Realty, India’s largest real estate developer partner of one of its projects, including Mumbai, up to 108 layers of the Park Hyatt hotel.

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MORGAN OMALE- 2011/01/03 23:52:26 pm

Men, youth we’ve got to work.

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