New York City is famous for its enthusiasm to party whether it’s in the day or in the night. Suppose you’re in New York City and you want to celebrate a special occasion or just hang out with friends and don’t want to wait till the night, what do you do? The best option would be to go for a bottomless brunch or boozy brunch where you can drink to your fill between certain hours. Here is a look at some of the best boozy brunch NYC has to offer.

1. Diva: This restaurant has been having boozy brunches for the last 15 years. Their music and DJ is great and so are the drinks served.

2. The Sunburnt Cow: The Australian inspired food in this restaurant/bar will leave you a bit amused for all the strange names on the menu, but this boozy brunch is highly economical and you are sure to visit again.

3. Brasserie Beaumarchais: This French inspired venue with its overindulgence and antics makes it one of the best boozy brunch NYC has to offer and will surely keep you entertained the whole afternoon.

4. Lavo: This establishment sure knows how to throw a party and they do it with style. Be sure to make reservations before you arrive.

  1. PH-D Rooftop Lounge: The party starts later here and be prepared to queue up to get inside. You might brush up with some celebrities while you’re dancing away and enjoying the drinks.
  2. Pranna: For 28 dollars this venue offers an excellent choice in food and drinks and is one of the best boozy brunch NYC has to boast about.

7. Felix: This French bistro is high on the energy level thanks to the lively DJ and the great drinks being served. With its European influence you’ll find many soccer fans every Sunday cheering on their teams and adding to the atmosphere of one of the best boozy brunch NYC.

8. Hop Devil Grill: This bar offers a 20 dollar boozy brunch with many options in the drinks. They have a fully loaded jukebox instead of a DJ but it works all the same.

9. Duo Restaurant and Lounge: This restaurant’s opulent interiors and excellent DJs will sure to make you come back again and again.

10. Ajna: This is a hangout for socialites who don’t mind the exorbitant fees and are there just to have a good time at the boozy brunch.

You can find these and many other venues that serve the best boozy brunch NYC has to offer by searching online. You can find details including ratings and comments of customers who frequent these venues and menus offered by the venue. Check if your venue of choice requires reservations or you can just walk in. Does getting in require you to get into lines? How much is the Refinery waiting time?
To book for a large group it would be a good idea to visit the venue before hand and ask all the right questions. Just a little bit of planning can ensure that you and your friends have a great time.

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