In last month’s UN climate change summit, Chinese President Hu Jintao expounded China’s overall objectives to address climate change mentioned, for non-fossil energy sources by 2020, accounting for the proportion of primary energy consumption reached 15%. Domestic response to this new energy industry that in the next decade, China’s new energy, whether from industry or from the application, will usher in a period of great development.

HC Heat Pump Network At last month’s UN climate change summit, Chinese President Hu Jintao expounded China’s overall objectives to address climate change mentioned, for 2020, non-fossil Energy Total time Energy Consumption share of around 15%. Domestic response to this new energy industry that in the next decade, China’s new energy, whether from industry or from the application, will usher in a period of great development.

Held in the previous 2009 China (Wuxi) International summit on the new energy industry, experts agreed that the new energy to achieve the goal of gradually replace fossil energy, China’s urgent need to establish a set of conditions for new energy market mechanism, and reduce costs, and net and so accelerate technological innovation and policy innovation.

New energy production capacity is surplus?

Ministry of Industry and Information, held recently in Beijing “2009 China Industrial Economic Operation Summer Report” conference, clearly pointed out that wind energy industry and the optoelectronics industry, particularly solar cell production “duplicate construction, disorderly launched” not be ignored.

New energy industry for the current domestic production capacity is surplus to the National Energy Administration, deputy director of renewable energy at the meeting, said Shi Lishan, in the long run, the current production capacity is far from meeting demand, but because of existing market development and management system of constraints, making the new total energy production can not be digested, especially Financial Crisis sharply under the influence of overseas demand, resulting in a relative surplus.

Director of the China Renewable Energy Society Advanced agree, “said a relative surplus.” In his view, China’s PV industry is still very weak, the current PV production capacity is only 2,000 kilowatts, even if all the horsepower at full, all equipped with power plants, thermal power generation capacity equivalent to only 1% not to. From the comparison with the traditional view of energy, and now this little bit of new energy how to say “excess” mean? But “redundant construction, disorderly launched” the problem does exist, the current domestic market access for new energy industry is not sufficiently standardized, standard is not clear, so have the influx of capital from various quarters, the product, the level of good and bad. Under such circumstances, in a timely manner to companies and investors to issue some warning to the industry to judge is necessary. Suntech CEO Zhengrong Shi said

, “surplus” is a low-end surplus production capacity. The current U.S. Solar Energy Enterprises do not have more than 10, but each one out to all first-rate, although it’s solar cell conversion efficiency was 11% less than that, more than 15% of China’s enterprise products? 16% of the conversion rate is still low, but sell than the price of Chinese products is much higher. Why? Because people in the stability and integration of the building have innovations, superior to others. In contrast, many domestic enterprises do not pay attention to innovation and be complacent with processors, occupy the market by price war. Dr. Shi believes that the development of PV industry is not excessive macro, but attention to the development of rhythm, herd phenomenon will kill the industry.

Market “key” Where? Some experts believe that the current relative excess capacity, which is China’s new energy price war in a foreign and domestic market development is closely related to poor. Application of new energy sources if the domestic market was a lock to lock, and now need a key to unlock the wisdom. This lock is it? Chairman of the China Renewable Energy Society, said Shi Dinghuan, the lock formed by a number of bottlenecks. The first is related technologies within the industry have not solved, the cost is relatively high, large-scale use may increase the burden on all aspects, so the capacity to develop, and society’s capacity to coordinate, to achieve a dynamic equilibrium.

Second bottleneck is the grid, whether it is wind or solar power, and network are the current key constraints. Shi Lishan, said power system now to introduce a new green Power supply This not only solve the “smart grid” and other technical problems, but also need a program to regulate it.

Shi Lishan, said how a power station built and the network, what programs need to go as a power system managers, how to detect, according to what standard management, present these are blank spots. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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