semi-tubular reactorUnique combination on the court as the only 5:01 when the bond market positioning, Akiles DuoMac the C51 as the company’s solution, the binding ability of various styles will all be hosted on one machine. Here we use DuoMac C51 outline the strengths and weaknesses.


The main features of the DuoMac C51 is that it is the only space in 1255 and the combination of plastic spiral binding spiral coil binding on the market. This machine, you hole pattern, can be used for plastic comb, as well as complete the stamping process of a comb opener. There are provided in a nearby wire, so you can use this machine, so you can bind books and more durable and elegant style of the spiral adjacent files too. We think this is a very nice multi-function machines.

In other words, only this machine, it can be done with three different styles. Three different look, a machine. This is quite unusual binding machine and the world can see, this is a big advantage for companies of all sizes really need some documentation, the type of flexibility they want and hope production.

Comb binding is the cheapest, easiest and most common bond markets, and DuoMac C51 capable of producing from three sixteenths book comb bound to two inches in diameter.

Five to one pitch spiral coil provides a sophisticated professional look and DuoMac C51 are several machines on the market, which will make it one. This is a company, hoping to have the opportunity to file for their distinctive appearance of the great news.
Other, and DuoMac C51 intervention operation to a large variety of features, the machine safe, fast, simple, continuous punching guide, and not – a very important machine has so many possibilities – a depth of punch margin control . This feature really helps to ensure product durability and fitness books.


If you have a multi-function machines to create this, we assume that the inevitable would have to Barauni be omitted. That being said, we hope to see an electric spiral coil insert inside. You can not have everything, but despite this, we propose a binding spiral coil when you do a lot to go to a separate inserter C51 DuoMac found.

Many functions, many treatment. We assume that it can not be a binding selection of the most important aspects of the system, but in the C51 looks a bit clumsy DuoMac, and has a higher footprint than you expect.

You should know that if you want to link a small 5-1, you need well in advance, ready to hand supplies, because it is a little hard to find, or may take several days had been ordered.

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