China Races For Energy Safety To keep Pace With GDP Development, Part Two

With Putin's star rising, Russia has aspired to block China's power ambitions in Central Asia. When China embarked on a Sino-Kazak strategy, Boris Yeltsin was still president. Since then, Putin and his internal circle of Chekists (named after the Soviet Union's first secret police squads) have begun tightening the noose across the ex-Soviet states. The mandate [...]

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Economics Of Worldwide Petroleum Productions Training Course

The Company will measure ranges of a category of air pollutants referred to as volatile natural compounds (VOCs), a few of which have serious health results. In reality, the Petroleum Products Pricing and Regulatory Company (PPPRA) was created by the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo administration as part of a serious effort to resolve this long standing downside. [...]

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