This year’s government work report should be made to speed up the transformation of economic growth, optimizing the economic structure, vigorously promote the economy into innovation-driven, endogenous growth, development track.
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division in the work of industrial raw materials, the report stressed that the international financial crisis on the impact of China’s petrochemical industry has been so clearly recognized that domestic enterprises, small scale, low industrial concentration, distribution and other factors unreasonable petrochemical industry in China overall less competitive, developed large scale petrochemical industry, integration, functional model of development provides a model. Optimization of organizational structure, industrial layout is an important petrochemical industry for the future development goals.
Demand pick up, improve industrial consumption
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to track 62 species (Class) show output of key petrochemical products, in 2009, production of the product over the previous year, 58 species (kind), accounting for 93.5%. Particularly oil, fertilizers, basic chemicals, synthetic materials, tires and other products significantly accelerate the growth rate over the previous year. 2009, the petrochemical industry, industrial added value increased 10.13% over the previous year, accounting for 12% of the national industrial added value.
Output growth continued to rise due to market demand. Statistics show that in major petrochemical products in 2009, apparent consumption continued to rise. Crude oil for example, the apparent consumption of crude oil was 388 million tons, up 6.2%.
On the whole, in 2009, the petrochemical industry to gradually accelerate the pace of overall profits rise, growth of which the chemical industry, oil refining industry profitability are the two bright spots.
Technological innovation, enhance industrial added value
China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, said Vice President of Zhaojun Gui, 2009, specialty chemicals production value reached 963.2 billion yuan, grew 16.8%, which is one of the fastest growing industries. This phenomenon shows that the revitalization plan to promote the petrochemical industry to high technology, high value-added direction.
To improve the industrial added value, technological transformation of China’s petrochemical industry to increase the intensity. According to statistics, in 2009, the industry completed investment in fixed assets 1.01 trillion yuan, up 12.9%. Which, in the technological transformation of special funds, the arrangement of 173 projects on the petrochemical industry, total investment 150 billion yuan.
In addition to technological transformation, the enhancement of value-added petrochemical industry in China, another important initiative is the elimination of backward production capacity. With calcium carbide industry as an example, last year, eliminate backward production capacity 470,000 tons.
Optimal layout, and enhance industrial concentration
2009, the petrochemical industry, mergers and acquisitions continue to emerge. CNOOC restructuring Shandong Haihua, seeks to extend the marine chemical industry chain, to expand the scale of offshore petroleum chemical industry. Guizhou Hongfu Industrial Group Company and the common form of Gansu Wengfu Chemical Co., Ltd., Guizhou Hongfu to utilization of phosphate rock and gold of the Group of ammonia, is a typical optimized allocation of resources.
Meanwhile, the petrochemical industry is accelerating the regional readjustment between the east part of the petrochemical production capacity will be the western region. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Secretary Xin Guobin running Monitoring and Coordination introduced the southeast coastal economic foundation, and the market demand for convenient transportation and petrochemical industry is relatively developed, which concentrated the industry-wide sales of more than 50%; industrial base in central and western regions poor transport facilities, petrochemical industries and backward, but with energy prices and environmental capacity of the narrow, eastern region faces major challenges in the development of petrochemical industry, while central and western regions by virtue of resource and labor advantages, appear increasingly strong competition advantage. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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