Formed by the fossil fuels of plants and animals, tens of millions and hundreds of thousands of years ago, crude oil is a flammable substance. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons and different chemical compounds resembling nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur. crude oil gets trapped in the pores of the underground rock and it’s extracted to make it refined. Cosmetics, detergents, gasoline, plastics, paints and so forth are made out of crude oil.

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Being extracted from completely different elements of the world, crude oil differs in terms of its physical properties reminiscent of shade, viscosity, relative weight and many others after which the oil is heated at a high temperature to separate it from its impurities and bring it to a usable form. The foremost crude oil producing nations are Mexico, United States, Iran, Nigeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and China. Among these international locations, Saudi Arabia is the world’s major and leading producer of crude oil. Because of the development in know-how and numerous other reasons, demand for crude oil has elevated and it is being consumed at a excessive fee in numerous parts of the world. The main oil consuming country is the United States of America followed by China, Japan, India, Germany, and France, and many others.

Although oil is consumed at a high fee globally, not all countries produce it. Countries like Italy, France, Spain and India import crude oil from the foremost crude oil producing countries to fulfill the rising demand of oil consumption. Due to the huge demand in crude oil, it’s estimated that the oil reserves will get depleted after few years. Therefore scientists try to determine an alternative to overcome the global vitality crisis. The oils can be light and risky liquids or heavy. The sunshine and unstable oils are toxic to animals and plants .Non sticky oils are much less toxic. Heavy oils are sticky and black in coloration. There are additionally asphaltic base, paraffin base and combined base oils.

Sorts of crude oil and Classifications of crude oil

There are a lot of various kinds of crude oil and Classifications of crude oil is predicated on the geographical locations, sulfur content material and relative weight however the key classification is done based on the placement, because the oil comes from numerous components of the world they usually differ in their traits. The American Petroleum Institute or the API provides a basis to measure the density of the oil. If the presence of sulfur is low in the crude oil, it is termed as ‘sweet’ and if the oil has excessive sulfur content material then it’s termed as ‘sour’. Based mostly on the geographical classification, the various benchmarks are North Sea crudes, United State crudes, West African crudes and Persian Gulf crudes. The North Sea crudes comprise of Brent, Osberg, Forties, North Sea basket etc. Brent Sweet Light crude is light however not as mild because the West Texas Intermediate (WTI). Brent crude is suitable for the production of gasoline. The sulfur level is zero.36% whereas the API gravity is round 38.5 degrees for the North Sea crudes.

The next benchmark of crude oil which is the OPEC Reference basket or the West African crudes has API gravity around 35 degrees and sulfur level of 0.2%. Bonny light, Escravos, Forcados and more fall underneath this benchmark. The Persian Gulf crude contains Dubai, Arab and Qatar. API gravity round 37 levels and 1.08% of sulfur degree are the measures. The United States Crude contains of West Texas Intermediate (WTI), West Texas Sour (WTS), Gentle Louisiana Candy (LLS) and much more. The sulfur content is 0.24% and the API gravity is 39.6 degrees. The WTI is right for the production of gasoline attributable to its low sulfur content and it is lighter than Brent crude.

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