Premier Wen Jiabao in 2010, “Government Work Report” that the West should continue to push the development of a comprehensive revitalization of northeast old industrial bases, vigorously promote the central region, and actively support the eastern region to lead the development. Since Financial crisis , China will focus on regional development into national development strategies, last year China approved the Pearl River Delta area, west side Economy Areas in coastal areas, Guanzhong? Tianshui economic zone in 11 regional revitalization and development plan, almost 4 years before combined.

Development of strategic planning in these areas, many key deals Oil And Chemical industry Industry, industry to speed up and optimize growth opportunities are frequent. To highlight the intensive development of the petrochemical industry, it is necessary to develop the petrochemical science park, the future can not be without a place to park to build chemical plant, so the park layout will determine the layout of the petrochemical industry in the region. Petroleum and chemical industry should take national and regional economic development strategy east, combined with local resources, environmental conditions and industrial economic base, a clear zone positioning, highlighting their characteristics and form core competitiveness.

Example, in “Economic Zone Development Plan (revision),” in Economic Development Zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province gure Meizhou Bay petrochemical base and tied to Hercynian petrochemical base. As the old minefields identified a new functional orientation, continues to attract petrochemical industries, especially oil upstream of the first projects to settle. Recently, the Taiwan Association of determining building gure petrochemical petrochemical industrial park in Taiwan. Director of Development Zone in accordance with ancient Lei Kang Xi Shun’s vision of the ancient mine will achieve in 5 years from the oil refining, ethylene and downstream supporting the construction of the project, for the “12 5” end of the annual output value of 300 billion yuan.

“Gansu Province, restructuring and revitalization of the petrochemical industry,” clearly, after three years of restructuring and revitalization, construction of Gansu petrochemical industrial park will take shape. This will lead the province out of the petrochemical industry industrial association is low, the layout is relatively dispersed, higher technological level defects.

The same time, Liaoning, Northeast China proposed to combine with the coastal building petrochemical industry clusters, Fine Chemicals Industrial clusters; coastal areas of Jiangsu raise resources to rely on deep water port, with local resources to develop salt chemical and agricultural chemical industries; Shanxi to speed up the construction of new Energy Industrial base.

Planning at the regional chemical industry, to consider the industry chain and industry cluster combine to change the excessive number of chemical industrial parks, distribution is more scattered, not prominent features, resources, conditions and other issues are not implemented. Meanwhile, development of the park according to regional conditions and productivity features to make the distribution. Economic and Technical Development Center of China Chemical Yang Ting, deputy director of the following categories proposed park development.

Oil Refinery Park. In terms of resources and industrial base of the area, recommended the adoption of association, merger, reorganization, and so on refinery, cracker, Aromatics Works from loose to tight, full integration of refinery production synergies.

Coal Chemical Industry Park. Proposed coal? Power? Chemical building large-scale industrial clusters integrated manner, foster world-class large-scale coal chemical industry. Meanwhile, the coal chemical industry park is also necessary to give more consideration to local water resources and environmental factors.

Fine Chemical Industry Park. Present all over the country, especially coastal areas greater number of fine chemical park, the layout is more dispersed, need to improve corporate concentration. Proposed to speed up large-scale petrochemical industry into the fine chemical industry, the pace of the product series and diverse.

New Chemical Materials Park. Chemical industry is much room for new materials, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, Gansu Jin Chang, Liaoning, Dalian, and have built a new material industrial park. New materials need to increase research and development park efforts, enables companies to accelerate the formation of independent intellectual property rights, extend the industrial chain and increase added value. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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