Choosing the best product for refinishing a wood flooring is crucial to the refinishing process. The fitting end will introduce a new degree of sheen and coloration (if desired) to your wood ground and enhance its sturdiness and resistance to moisture and dirt.

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Before beginning your wood ground refinishing undertaking, it’s best to take into account the costs, odors, and application processes related to various ending merchandise. The perfect merchandise to refinish wooden floors with right now are urethane-based mostly finishes, varnishes, sealers and wax.

Urethane-primarily based Finishes

An unremediated overbank tailings deposition area upstream of the removal area. USFWS Photo by BillUrethane-based finishes are available three general varieties: oil-modified urethane, moisture-cured urethane, and water-based mostly urethane. In response to, oil-modified urethane is the most ceaselessly used product for refinishing wooden floors and is comprised of petroleum, synthetic resins and other substances that assist kind a moisture-resistant film. Oil-modified urethane takes approximately eight hours to dry after software and will grow extra amber in shade with age. Moisture-cure urethane is far more difficult to use than oil-modified urethane and likewise has a a lot stronger odor. It relies on taking humidity from the air to cure or dry. Lastly, water-based mostly urethane finishes produce the least quantity of odor and dry the fastest (taking approximately two to 3 hours). Nevertheless, they’re also generally probably the most costly type of urethane-based finish.


Varnish, which is resin dissolved in a liquid, is one other good alternative for refinishing your wooden ground. Varnishes have historically been produced from pure elements akin to vegetable oils; however, they are actually usually made from the chemical vinyl-alkyd. They are generally straightforward to use and produce a shiny, clear movie coating as soon as dry. Conversion varnishes (also called Swedish finishes, as that’s where they originated) are another kind of varnish. Conversion varnishes make the most of two different elements to work successfully: an alcohol-primarily based sealing element and an acid-based curing component. They could be a bit trickier to apply than regular varnishes.

Sealers recommends using an oil-primarily based penetrating sealer for refinishing wood floors. These kinds of sealers are generally made from linseed oil or tung (a type of tree) oil, and may embody additives to help improve durability and to hurry up the drying process. Penetrating sealers should be allowed to soak into your flooring’s wood, after which the excess ought to be removed with a rag or buffed in with steel wool.


Wax is the oldest and maybe the perfect general product for refinishing wood floors. It is the least costly, best to apply, easiest to take care of and fastest drying wooden refinishing product available. You simply have to unfold thin coats of the wax over your ground and then buff until the specified stage of sheen is reached. For greatest results, use wax on your wood ground after making use of a sealer or stain.

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