Oriental Nicco provides turnkey solution for Design, Procurement & Installation of Relocatable Mini Refinery. These Modular Mini Refinery comprising of Crude Topping Units, Strippers & Stabilizers can be installed either at well head locations of residual oil wells or at a strategic Group Gathering Stations.

Oriental Nicco has credential for turnkey installation of such a Modular Refinery for the first time in India at M/s. ONGC, Tatipaka.

Capacity & Flexibility In Mini Refinery Operation

The Modular Mini Refinery can be designed & constructed for handling crude and / or condensate. The typical capacities of such refinery can be from 500 BOPD to 20,000 BOPD.

Highly customized salable solutions designed for specific processing requirements of different crude oil / condensate feedstocks.

Advantages Of Modular Relocatable Refinery

– The Modular Refinery can be easily relocatable with minimum field work.
– Optimal shortened project schedule.
– Enhanced quality control for entire equipment being fabricated in shop.
– Reduction in field work.
– Elimination of delays due to Iran inclement weather.
– Improved safety & environment requirements.
– Overall project time schedules and cost savings.

Special Features Of Modular Refinery

A typical modular refinery consists of Atmospheric Distillation Unit, Stripper Columns, Stabilizers, Desalter & can
produce the following sale able products :

Naphtha | Atmospheric Gas Oil | Kerosene | Reduced Crude Oil | Diesel

Tank liquid distributorOffsites And Utilities

We offer complete offsites & utilities packages required for such refinery which are :

– Package Boiler and Steam Generation Unit
– Flare Stack with Flare Header
– Compressed Air & Instrument Air System with Distribution Network
– Cooling Water System with Distribution Network
– OWS & Effluent Treatment plant Facility
– Crude & Product Storages Tank Farm
– Product Loading Bays and Tank Farm Management System
– Fire Fighting & Hydrant Network

Fabrication And Assembly

Equipment & modular skids shall be carried out in our fabrication complex in Vadodara which is ASMER, S & U Stamp approved. The major equipment shall be shop fabricated are :

– Columns
– Fired Heater / Thermic Fluid Heater
Heat Exchangers
– Structural Skid
Pressure Vessels
– Assembly & Testing of entire Skid
– Piping Spools
Pusher Centrifuges

What We Value

We start a project with evaluation of our customers need, project site, installation and any other factors to identify most appropriate construct ability of the modular mini refinery. Oriental Nicco offers end to end processing solutions, design to take our customer from planning to production, we are committed to provide you with high quality solutions at the lowest possible price.