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Managerial Accounting – Course of Cossting
Up to date on March 17, 2010 hafeezrm moreContact Author Major capabilities of any product costing system are: (1) accumulating production costs and (ii) assigning those costs to the merchandise being manufactured.Product prices are want for planning, value-management, decision making and reporting to both inner and external users like regulatory companies or research associations.

FerganaOf the numerous strategies, one is course of costing. It ascertains the price of a product at each process or stage of manufacture. It assigns price equally to homogeneous units inside a specific time period.

Course of costing is the subject matter of this hub.

Process COSTING – a formal definition
CIMA defines course of costing as “The costing technique relevant where goods or providers consequence from a sequence of steady or repetitive operations or processes. Costs are averaged over the units produced through the period”.

By saying repetitive operations or processes, CIMA has precluded Jobs which are distinctive and one-time effort.

When is course of costing appropriate?
Process costing is suitable where production course of is repetitive, merchandise are homogeneous or an identical, production flow is steady and manufacturing time is relative quick.

Industries using process costing are oil refineries, paint making plant, soap manufacturing, foods and drinks, paper, petroleum, chemicals, textiles and electronics.

Variations and Similarities with Job Order Costing



Strategies Price by Job Cost by course of

Nature Distinctive product Customary or idential product

Costs Completely different costs for difference jobs Similar unit cost for all

Number Small Massive

Interlinking None with other jobs Definite Links

Key Paperwork Price Sheet Departmental Report


Sources Identical fiancial and operational information

Purpose Price allocation

Flow Identical movement of manufacturing
Use of Course of Cost Data

Measure costs of production of mass-produced products

Assign costs to inventory and cost of goods bought for figuring out profitability and taxes.

Keep a watch on operations and costs

Used in budget or future prices for decision making

Identify potential areas for process improvements

Analyze the prices and advantages of high quality improvements

Value Movement
As in job-costing, supplies are withdrawn from shops using a cloth requisition kind. The supplies are processed adding labor and overhead. Since there various processes, the items would remain partially accomplished till the ultimate process. In the subsequent processes extra material could also be added along with labor and overheads. For example, Coca-Cola Company could have three processes or departments: (i) Formulation Department, (ii) Bottling Department and (iii) Distribution Department. To stare with, raw supplies (flavors, sugar, water and carbon dioxide) are poured into tanks. Subsequently, bottles and caps are added in the Bottling Department and finally picket crates are launched in Distribution Department.

Remedy of labor prices and overheads is the same as in job-costing besides these prices are allotted to departments and to not individual jobs. Additionally, predetermined overheads fee are used.

On completion of a process, the models are moved to next department for further processing. It goes on until the product is accomplished. The prices of accomplished models would be transferred to Finished Items Stock Account. Finally, when items are offered, the related costs are transferred to Cost of goods offered for computation of gross profit.

Equivalent Unit of Manufacturing
It is not essential that all semi-completed items are totally treated and passed to subsequent department. In fact, some are left behind as work-in-means of that individual division. For example, in confectionery, the processes are mixing, shaping, baking and packing. Assume that 1,000 of uncooked cakes have been sent to baking division. Because of shortage of working solely 600 cakes were backed and the remainder remained as received.

Let us say that baking value was 25% of complete price of a baked cake (not together with packing). If complete value of Rs.126,000 was incurred until now, the unit cost can be computed as follows:

Equivalent Models = 600 + (400 x 75%) = 600+300= 900 equal items

Unit value = 126,000 divided by 900 items = 140 per cake.

Totally different Production Processes
A number of processes are used within the industrial plants. The process may be sequential the place work-in-process strikes in a single direction and all units are handled equally. It could possibly be parallel the place two or extra lines work at the identical time and eventually their output is assembled in one complete unit. Lastly, in selective course of, some units are handled specifically after which moved to the principle line.

As more processes are involved, the calculation turn out to be extra cumbersome. It should be remembered that accounting is a service and must be tailor made to fulfill demand of the consumer. In no case, actual manufacturing circulate or course of move is changed. In stead, modifications are made in price accounting system to match the requirements.

Course of costing is suitable for industries engaged in mass manufacturing of close to similar products. Each course of costing and job costing have the same goal i.e. to accumulate costs and assign them to merchandise. Product costs are needed for planning and management besides reporting to regulatory authorities.

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