Alot of people are probably wondering what the biggest change will be when Presdient elect takes office in in January. Two words: New Energy. So what does the election of President Obama mean for the alternative energy sector? For starters, he is considering a stimulus package that will include a heavy dose of spending on environmentally friendly projects aimed at creating “green-collar jobs” and saving energy. This is key. Everyone talks about stimulating the blue collar jobs, but it’s time that our nation wake up and form a new collar, a greener collar. If we are to rebuild the American economy, we must do it through clean energy. This new administration will aim to generate jobs in the alternative energy sector, while cutting down on pollution. President elect Obama will have to come up with a robust proposal in order for an effective new alternative energy economy. Senator Majority Leader Harry reid said that a green jobs componenet could be worth as much as $100 billion, call it a ‘Green Path’ Infracstructure. One of the first changes will more than likely be a requirement that all public buildings be environmentally friendly.

You better believe that any major infrastructure project is going to be done in the greenest way possible. So if this new energy economy is going to make all public buildings energy efficient, wouldn’t it be a good idea to get ahead of the curve and make your home energy efficient? Even major corporations are supporting clean energy spending and green-collar jobs. Companies such as Google and even coal burning American Electric Power Co. are behind this ‘green’ movement. In fact, Google is lobbying for long-term tax rebates for renewable energy as well as federal investment in electrick “smart grid” technology.

In order to become a clean energy economy, we need not only build windmills all over the plains, but we need a solid infrastructure in place to support the power generated by clean energy mechanisms. Even the simplest ideas could save energy and create jobs, said Jason Saragian, a spokesman for Owens Corning Inc., a Toledo, Ohio-based maker of insulation as well as material used in wind turbine blades. The company is pushing for tax breaks to encourage retrofitting of older buildings. ‘Huge Opportunity’ “There are 80 million underinsulated homes in the United States,” Saragian said. Buildings emit 42 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gasses. Petroleum Refinery Equipment Weatherization “is a huge opportunity” to cut energy use, Saragian said. “The challenge is to make a green stimulus actually green,” said Dan Becker, a consultant with the Safe Climate Campaign, a Washington-based clean-air advocacy group. This ‘green’ movement is no fluke. Don’t be left behind this new energy movement. Get started on do-it-yourself energy efficient home improvement projects now.

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