There is no doubt that leather furniture adds character and style to any room in a home, but it’s also true that this natural material requires regular maintenance to prolong its life and keep its beauty. But there are certain dos and don’ts of upholstery cleaning in Brisbane which you should follow if you want to avoid any major regrets while cleaning your upholstery.

Don’ts of upholstery cleaning

6 m diameter pressure vessel automatic welding Never use chemical cleaners. The furniture cleaners which you find in stores often contain chemicals that do damage to leather and sometimes even polishes. It’s a misconception that cleaning products need to have a lot of chemicals to get the job done. In fact, the best option out there will be to go for green cleaners for cleaning upholstery and carpets. While hiring a cleaner, insist that they don’t use harsh chemicals.

Don’t treat spills with water. You might not know it, but water damages can sometimes be as problematic as other kinds of stains. If you have spilt something on a leather chair or couch, you should never use tap or filtered water to treat the stain. The chances are that you might make it even worse.

Never entrust your sofa in the hands of anyone but the most renowned of cleaners. Sure there are many companies that will proclaim that leather cleaning is their speciality, but you should only trust a professional with upholstery cleaning techniques that have been proven to be extremely effective. If you don’t, the chances are high that your pets and family might end up with skin irritations and allergic reactions.

Dos of upholstery cleaning
Always blot upholstery after spills. Sure, it might sound like a good idea to wipe the spills, but more often than not, all you will do is spread the spill to other parts of the sofa. Instead, you should use a cloth to blot the liquid. Needless to say, the sooner you react to a spill, the better it will be for your upholstery.

Test the cleaner on a part which is hidden. If you are going the DIY way when it comes to using leather cleaner, start by applying it over an area which will remain hidden. You need to wait for at least a day until the cleaner dries. This will help you ascertain that whether the cleaner is good for the material or not.

If you are hiring professional cleaners, insist on a “new like appearance of your upholstery furniture after cleaning. If you are paying for these cleaners, you should at least expect your furniture to shine like new when the professionals are done with the cleaning.

Whether it’s upholstery or carpet cleaning in Brisbane, if you want to achieve the best results, hiring experienced professionals seems the most practical option. But considering the fact that there are so many companies offering this sort of service these days, it can get a bit tricky finding the right one. Precisely for this reason, it’s important to devote enough time researching about your shortlisted companies before hiring them.