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Guangzhou, Shenzhen and even Huizhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhuhai will become a new target of attracting foreign investment. Last Friday, Dongguan Shijingmaoju with the Joint Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Jinan University to complete the “surrounding area, Dongguan City, to strengthen industrial cooperation plan” (hereinafter referred to as “Plan”) officially announced.


“Planning” for the first time clearly in Dongguan, in the heavy chemical industry will increase the surrounding areas to undertake a number of petrochemical, shipbuilding, auto parts and other industries stationed in large projects.


PRD petrochemical, shipbuilding, with the necessary supporting


Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Jinan University, Zhu Weiping, executive vice president, said the analysis of industry cooperation, Dongguan and the surrounding areas on the basis of the status quo, “plan” put forward the three levels of strategic objectives: In the heavy chemical industry, the efforts to attract a number of petrochemical , shipbuilding, auto parts and other industries stationed in large projects, so that the three 2009 and 2015 average annual growth rate of industrial output value of more than 20%.


Shipbuilding, for example, Dongguan plans mayong, Sha Tin Town Houjie focus on the introduction of production such as passenger and freight ro-ro ship, finished oil tankers, container ships, engineering vessels, large-scale multi-functional chemicals, ships, refrigerated ships, yachts and other products shipbuilding enterprises, the development of the Dongguan become the base of small and medium sized container ship construction, expansion port economy. At the same time, vigorously develop the ship communication and navigation systems, automatic control system, lay a solid foundation for the development of shipbuilding industry.


In the petrochemical industry, the “plan” put forward by the Hong Kong Legislative dao Humen petrochemical industry base as the carrier to give priority to the development of enterprises in Guangdong Province, Dongguan, and urgently needed, such as environment-friendly textile auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries and other supporting or chemicals.


However, the Secretary Chen Guiming Dongguan Shijingmaoju said, Dongguan, not blindly to build a large refinery to develop the petrochemical industry, but should be combined with Dongguan, now in the paint, the paint industry, the industrial advantages in resources to achieve the development of fine chemical industry.


Attract investment to the Pearl River Delta out “olive branch”


“Planning” proposed in the manufacturing sector, industrial cooperation in areas including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Foshan, Zhuhai and so on; in the modern service industries and industrial co-operation mainly in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau.


Dongguan Shijingmaoju Secretary Chen Guiming, said the manufacturing sector for a long period of time will continue to be the leading industry in Dongguan. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the manufacturing base, the manufacturing sector, after the inevitable transition radiation to surrounding areas, Dongguan Dongguan hopes to promote and accelerate industrial cooperation with the surrounding areas, to gain the initiative to undertake development projects for Dongguan.


Chen Guiming said, Dongguan expected to adopt a series of supporting policies to promote the implementation of planning, such as recently being developed “headquarters economy” finds a way to attract corporate headquarters or regional headquarters will be located in Dongguan. Author Box dshfj has 1 articles online


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