Reporter: Jiang Liqi Throughout the history of Shanxi coal to road continue for many years, is easy to see It’s so hard thing. Different from Henan, Guizhou is also different from the “coal boss” of Shanxi facing contradictions and problems in the country is undoubtedly the most prominent and most serious, the most typical, and the province’s coal to coal to China has become the “epitome.”

Shanxi coal mine Sanin County Maying Xiang Ping Wang Bin increasing anxiety.

oil cracking tower2007, he acquired the annual output 300,000 tons of coal, not only does not profit at all, but are at a loss every month, “after the acquisition, the cut-off, and it has become a hot potato, not bigger stronger, then have to close. “

Moreover, Wang was with the Coal Bin have to face the pressure of the acquisition.

2008 9 months, Shanxi Province, the government issued a “coal mining enterprises to promote the implementation of mergers and acquisitions advice,” the provisions of 2010, the annual production capacity of 300 tons of coal failed enterprise resource exploration rights will be canceled. In mid-October 2008, the state issued a “” Eleventh Five-Year “plan three years after the closure of small coal mines,” clearly required by 2010, the following national capacity 300,000 tons of small coal mines within Yajian to 10,000.

Two documents determine the fate of coal mine Anping, no output of coal mines to stop production to maintain the state is spending 23 million net per month, “I have no choice but to accept.” Wang Bin said.

However, “go over” the same way coal does not seem so smoothly, March 16, Datong Coal Mine Group (the same coal) tells the staff member Wang Youming “Energy Review”: “As the province has just issued a notice , Anping coal mine acquisition stalled temporarily because now no way to say. “Wang Youming said, now, integration is more complex.

The news, so that the king pin’s heart has pulled up.

Black coal brokers in September 2005 8 months, General Secretary Hu Jintao inspected Shanxi after the plane returned to Beijing and asked the NDRC official: the coal industry can not be sustainable development? You will study in Shanxi.

2006 6 16, the State Development and Reform Commission show the “building on the guidance of Shanxi Energy”, that “through the establishment of an integrated coal mining compensation mechanism, improve the resource-based business tax system and rationalize the central and local government and business relations between the distribution of benefits. “

As a coal province, high yield, high export volume, plus the price of coal fly aloft, Shanxi coal always made great article. But the arrival of the economic crisis, disrupting everything.

Dramatic changes in the watershed was in September 2008 the price of coal in turn: 9 months ago, when the peak price of coal, power Qinhuangdao Port coal price up to 1,000 yuan / ton, pay taxes and clear resources “Six Card” complete allowed the production of small coal mines is still profitable, large-scale coal enterprises in the face of the acquisition has a strong bargaining power. But in September, the price of coal started down. Addition, the state’s policy of pressure, to suppress the bargaining power of small coal mines, but also to coal brokers understand the “Black September” bitter.

“At the same time, small coal mines in Shanxi increased the intensity of rectification, so that small coal mines were forced out of the market.” Researcher Chao-lin of China Coal Transportation Association, said, “The current low price of coal resources, while the price of coal has increased at a rapid period, so the major coal enterprises are making efforts to promote the acquisition of resources, reserves resources for the long-term development. “

“(With coal) acquisition of small mines, mainly Chinese and the resources.” Wei Jiangong, coal production management with the Coal Company vice president, the past few years, with coal as the line of play group, he also became the resources integration company negotiators.

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