Expected in 2010 is expected to double imports of natural gas, natural gas production,Octylferrocene price, consumption volume to maintain the growth rate of more than 10%.

Natural gas imports, imports of natural gas in 2010 reached 11.86 million tons, an increase of 114.74%. Among them, total imports of natural gas pipeline will reach 2.96 million tons; liquefied natural gas imports will reach 8.9 million tons, an increase of 60.89%.

Natural gas consumption is expected in 2010 the apparent consumption of natural gas will reach 107.2 billion cubic meters, an increase of 22.73%, a record high.

According to statistics, China’s 107.2 billion cubic meters in 2010 the apparent consumption of natural gas equivalent to 4.34 times in 2000, 22.73% of the growth rate of 15.81% over the past 10 years the average annual growth rate higher than the 6.92 percentage points.

Meanwhile, natural gas consumption in China in 2010 to further optimize the structure, increase the proportion of city gas consumption,CAS 51889-44-2, chemicals consumption declined.

With the higher level of urbanization, natural gas, city gas market is gradually becoming the main fuel. In 2010, natural gas consumption in the proportion for the city gas consumption will reach 36%, the proportion of fuel used for business by 25%,Octylferrocene supplier, followed by natural gas accounted for 22%, chemical raw materials accounted for dropped to 17%.

Natural gas production, the production of natural gas in 2010 is expected to reach 95 billion cubic meters, up 14.43% year on year.

According to statistics, by 2010 China 95 billion cubic meters of natural gas production is equivalent to 3.43 times the annual output of 2000; 14.43% of the growth rate of 12.95% compared to the past 10 years the average annual growth rate of 1.48 percentage points higher, up 9.08% in 2009 5.35 percentage points higher than the growth rate.

Domestic demand for natural gas market continues to expand, the continuous extension of gas pipeline,Octylferrocene, the Tarim oil and gas fields and other new production, and natural gas production after ex-factory price increases increase the enthusiasm of other factors have prompted the sharp rise in domestic gas production.
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