Ceramic crossHydromulching is a lot more effective than conventional seeding process and more economical compared to sod. It is an excellent grass growing method for any lawn of any size. When administered properly, lawns that have been applied with hydromulching will produce grass that is both green and full. Here are some of the many advantages and benefits of hydromulching: Hydromulching can be applied quickly. Once applied, no additional work is required. The mulch creates a micro environment that is perfectly suitable for seed germination. This grass growing process offers complete coverage to any lawn, including those with slopes and hills. Hydromulching makes a lawn with a quality closely comparable to sod but costs significantly less than sodding. After applying hydromulching, your lawn will be ready for its first mow within four weeks. SEED Any seed used in roadside or lawn applications could be used in hydromulching system. Any grass which could be grown from the seed can be set. Production Equipment This includes crown vetch and wildflowers. Seeds used in this process do not have to be anything special. Because of the even mulch application which results in better retention of moisture, most people experience a significant increase in germination rates. For even faster growth, seeds can be pregerminated. One method to do so is to soak the seeds overnight in water in a container. A garbage can will do. FERTILIZER Also, any type of fertilizer can be used. Granular, water soluble, or liquid fertilizers may all be poured into a tank. The most commonly used type is the granular fertilizer. The sprayer machine does not dissolve the granules, but suspends and blends them evenly in the mixture. Some experts in hydromulching recommend the use of lime. If the pH level of the soil has to be changed, a liquid lime product is used. If necessary, a pelletized or granular lime can be used. TACKIFIER A tackifier is used to hold all mulch in place on steep hillsides, especially during heavy rainfall. A vast variety of products can be used in the hydro sprayer. Also, systems can be used to apply tackifier mulch mix or tackifier over straw to hold the mulch in place. MULCH There are two basic kinds of mulch. The wood fiber mulch is made from timber by-products. The cellulose fiber mulch is made from recycled newsprint. It is significantly less expensive, and it’s easier to use but gives the same result. The average cost for a bale of this type of mulch is $7. A bale of cellulose mulch can cover an average of 2,000 square feet. But this varies depending on the type of project. Pelletized mulches have recently been introduced. They are a combination of wood and paper fiber and can be simply loaded into a spraying machine. If done correctly, hydromulching is faster, cheaper, and more reliable compared to the traditional, multiple-steps processes like the seed-and-straw. In fact, the same equipment used for seeding can be also be used for applying mixtures tailored for controlling erosion and other specialized functions.