Pin To Oil Refinery And Petrochemical Fillers Home About UsSouth China Sea has recently garnered elevated media consideration as a consequence of China reclaiming land and constructing an airfield on Fiery Cross Reef. The territorial dispute relating to Spratly Islands has been simmering since the 1970ies when oil was discovered within the region. South China Sea can also be 鈥渙ne of the busiest shipping lanes within the worldwith 鈥渕ore than half of the world supertanker visitors, by tonnage, pass[ing] via the region waters every year(Wikipedia).

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The Department of Power has two fascinating maps on their beta webpage exhibiting LNG and crude oil transport for 2011.

Transport of liquefied natual fuel (LNG) in trillions of cubic feet in the South China Sea:

Transport of petroleum in thousands and thousands of barrels per day in the South China Sea in 2011:

(each maps from website)

These are 鈥楽ankey-impressed mapsmoderately than actual Sankey diagrams. Arrow widths are usually not maintained the place the shipping routes cross by means of slim straits. Nonetheless, transport volumes are typically on a appropriate scale.