Recently, the reporter from the “Third International slow release fertilizer industry (Hanfeng) forum” the organizing committee learned that “2010 slow / controlled release fertilizer industry, the Beijing Declaration,” April 23 release in Beijing soon.

By the China National Chemical Information Center and Hanfeng Slow Release Fertilizer Co., Ltd. jointly organized and held the “Third International slow release fertilizer industry (Hanfeng) Forum” recently held in Beijing. To improve fertilizer use efficiency, develop low-carbon economy, the sponsor of the Forum shall be domestic and foreign experts, scholars and a number of positive initiatives fertilizer business, the meeting will be co-related units issued during the “2010 slow / controlled release fertilizer industry, the Beijing Declaration” ( hereinafter referred to as “Declaration.”

According to the organizing committee said the person, “Declaration” profound analysis of the domestic and international release / controlled release fertilizer industry’s history, current situation, clearly pointed out the current development of slow / controlled release fertilizers urgency and necessity of history, expounded Governments , enterprises and research institutions in promoting the slow / controlled release fertilizer industry in the role and social responsibility. “Declaration” that only actively promote research and development and encourage farmers to use slow / controlled release fertilizers, promote the release / controlled release fertilizer industry progress, accelerate the development of environmentally friendly fertilizers and improve fertilizer use efficiency around the world to the effective implementation of low-carbon agriculture realize the fertilizer industry, energy conservation, reducing agricultural emissions of carbon dioxide in the process.

“Declaration” initiative, governments and enterprises should first establish their own distinctive slow / controlled release fertilizer industry technology system, promoting fertilizer upgrading of industrial technology; the second the establishment of research institutions or enterprises Slow / Controlled Release Fertilizer Development Strategy, long-term guide the fertilizer product upgrades and research development; third advocated rational fertilization, fertilization standard scientific development, and actively develop new products, new technologies, reduce agricultural production in carbon emissions; fourth build business credit system, the correct information and guidance to farmers fertilizer with quality and cheap slow / controlled release fertilizer for the national agricultural services.

“2010 slow / controlled release fertilizer industry, the Beijing Declaration” by the slow / controlled release fertilizer industry voluntary industry initiatives and organizations of the Declaration, which not only embodies the unity of the world fertilizer industry spirit of cooperation and a high degree of social responsibility, will a strong impetus “to improve fertilizer use efficiency, develop low-carbon economy,” the implementation of conference goals, saving for the future of mankind in achieving emission reduction targets, improve the soil environment, the development of green-friendly fertilizer to make a positive contribution. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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