2010 years “two sessions” infuses a new Energy At present, climate, climate change and energy and resource security is a global issue of common concern, countries have to develop low-carbon economy and the emerging strategic industries such as new energy sources to promote economic growth as a new breakthrough Premier Wen Jiabao in the “Government Work Report “clearly put forward the” speed up the transformation of economic development, adjust and optimize the economic structure, “actively develop a circular economy and energy Environmental protection Industry. Great efforts to develop low-carbon technologies, promoting energy efficient technology, efforts to establish a carbon emissions characteristics of industrial system and consumption patterns.

air separation oxygenRapidly in recent years, new energy industry gathering, the annual average growth rate of more than 30%. But some problems can not be ignored is an objective reality, the current impact of the development of new energy industries there are obstacles, such as the high cost of industrial development, general consumer awareness needs improving. Which relates to this issue, National People’s Congress, Municipal Committee, mayor of Red Nicholls has proposed a new provision to support the development of a special budget for the energy industry, from policy and market to support the new energy industry.

China’s coal-dominated energy structure is the current and future energy development in China faces a special problem. Currently coal in primary energy consumption in China accounting for up to 70%, much higher than 29% of the world average. As the energy structure optimization difficult, he predicted that by 2030 the structure of coal in China’s share of primary energy is still not less than 50%. Therefore, from the excessive dependence on traditional energy systems turn coal to establish clean, low carbon, high efficiency, diversity of modern energy systems.

According to analysis, China’s new energy industry, there is no surplus, even if there are surplus, only a relative surplus. Community debate new energy surplus, in fact, caused mainly due to two points. First, China’s new energy product applications not yet developed, the product application surface is relatively small; Second, people’s awareness of new energy products, using very vague. At present, China’s new energy industry, importance of innovation and application development. Innovation, mainly in technology, innovation and application. In technological innovation, adhere to materials innovation, process innovation, product innovation, leading a new wave of energy products in China; in the application of innovation, should dare to break shackles of new energy product applications, ideas, new energy products, the introduction of new fields of application.

Future prospects of China’s new energy industry is bright, because of its vast market, coupled with strong government support, the new energy industry in China is no doubt a bright future. However, we also should see that, because just at the initial stage of industrialization, technology, and the bottleneck is still very prominent, in order to get in a short period of great development, not the reality, the inherent laws for industry, and take sustainable development roads, should be the current priority.

New energy for 30 years, China’s basic in technology, market, policy and so on, and gradually work out his own direction. Although the final destination from there is also the distance the way the future will never be some smooth sailing, but it has to cross the river by feeling the stones out of the passive stage of development. Up a large number of the birth of new energy enterprises, research structure, industry associations, are gathered together, opening the way policy, take the bridge market. Active development of a new era, already arrived.

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