A gas explosion can be considered a serious accident because the victims of such case often have to suffer severe burn injury. There are three levels of burn seriousness increasing from the first to the third degree. While the first-degree burn victims are affected only to the surface of the skin and can recover quite fast, the second and the third-degree burn victims often undergo deep pain and agony that requires involvement of medical treatment.

Burn Injuries Caused by Gas Explosions

Like other types of burn injuries, a burn sustained from a gas can substantially alter a person’s life. An injury that occurs because of a gas explosion can cause severe burns. Burns are categorized as first, second, and third degree. A first-degree burn affects the surface of the skin, while second and third degree burns are more painful and require medical treatment. Many gas explosions cause third-degree burns. A third-degree burn is the most serious because it affects the underlying layers of the skin.

Medical Treatment for a Burn Injury Caused by a Gas Explosion

Because third-degree burns destroy skin tissue and cause scarring, repairing the damage requires costly medical treatment. methanol extraction tower Options for victims include surgical procedures like skin grafting and dermabrasion. A skin graft is performed by taking healthy skin from one area of the body and placing it on the burned area. A dermabrasion is a procedure that reduces the appearance of a scar by scraping off the top layers of the skin to make it smoother. Some burn injuries, however, cause scarring that affects not just the appearance of the skin. Some scars affect the muscles and tendons, which will limit the ability of a person to move the damaged area. Treatment will include rehabilitation therapy and in severe burn injury cases surgery may be necessary to correct the impediment caused by the scar tissue.

Recovering Compensation for a Burn Injury Caused by a Gas Explosion

Treating a severe burn is expensive since it may require surgery and long-term rehabilitation treatment from medical specialists. If someone else causes an injury, compensation from the person responsible may be available. Recovery may include damages for the cost of the medical treatment, compensation for past and future lost wages, and an award for property damage. Because burn injuries cause severe pain, a person is also entitled to recover monetary compensation for their pain and suffering. An award for pain and suffering is assessed by placing a value on such factors as the emotional distress caused by the injury and the affect of the burn injury on the person’s life.

Consulting with a Attorney

If you have suffered from an injury caused by a gas, an attorney can help determine whether a cause of action exists. Burn cases are often complex and require knowledge of burn injuries, rehabilitation options, available medical treatment, and the various causes of burns. An attorney that specializes in gas explosions will use various types of experts to help establish liability. A cause and origin expert will ascertain the source of the gas explosion, a medical expert will help establish the extent of the injuries, and a life care planning expert will offer guidance on the cost of long-term medical treatment and living expenditures. These experts help an attorney asses a damage award.

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Burn survivor resource center offer medical treatments help for Natural gas explosion victim. We also provide legal Gas explosion lawyer for your cases. Our Burn Center Attorney provides legal and financial help for burn injury victims in Los Angles California.

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