Training system made of biological fertilizer, known as fertilizer or agents, is an indirect pollution-free fertilizer. Microbial fertilizer was first applied from the legume Rhizobium inoculant began gradually developed, and now has formed a variety of forms, a wide range of different functions of microbial fertilizer, can generally be divided into Rhizobium fertilizer, fertilizer nitrogen-fixing bacteria, solubilizing bacteria fertilizers, potassium fertilizers bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria fertilizer, bio organic fertilizers, compound biological fertilizer, VA mycorrhizae fertilizer, PGPR rhizosphere growth promoting agents, microbial agents, and organic material gas decomposition agent. Currently, there are more than 70 countries and regions, development and application of microbial fertilizers, agricultural production in developed countries in Europe and the United States, microbial fertilizer use has accounted for more than 20% of total fertilizer, the yield of 20% annual rate of 10 increment.

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Our research and application of microbial fertilizers, is 50 years in the 20th century from the beginning of Rhizobium inoculum and 60 years promoting the use of “5406” anti-plate fertilizers, fertilizer, and fertilizer in the study of rhizobia made a breakthrough , marked by the northward movement of milk vetch cultivation; 70’s started to VA mycorrhiza to improve plant nutrition and improving water use efficiency, and has begun to combine aerial sowing grass rhizobium; the mid 80s to 90s, and agricultural production they have applications in what we now call “second generation of microbial fertilizer” in Bio-fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizers. Has begun to take shape and industrialization of microbial fertilizer products including nodule bacteria, nitrogen-fixing microbial agent and compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers. As of the end of 2002, China had 203 products registered by the National Department of Agriculture.

According to statistics, in 2001 the annual production of microbial fertilizer in China is 150 million tons, accounting for commodity fertilizer use about 1% of sales is about 40 billion, with Europe and the United States compared to developed countries, application of microbial fertilizers in China volume can be described as “minimal.” My own research and microbial fertilizer has 50 years, is what factors will influence its development?

The role of microbial fertilizers Microbial fertilizer is applied to agricultural production, access to a particular fertilizer which contains specific beneficial effect of active microbial products, this effect is not only the soil, the environment and the supply of plant nutrients, but also including those arising from metabolites of the plant’s beneficial effects. Their common characteristics: use of viable agents, directly or indirectly act on to make objects, to promote crop growth. To sum up, its functions include the following:

By increasing soil fertility. Microbial fertilizer in nitrogen fixation by microorganisms, Phosphate, Potassium obtain certain nutrients, microbes release some or full release after the death of these nutrients to enhance soil fertility, to a certain extent, reduce the amount of fertilizer.

Second is to enhance the plant resistance (insect) capability. Microbial fertilizer applied to the soil after the formation of beneficial microorganisms colonization advantage of flora, thus reducing the space for the growth of other pathogens, and some microbes also produce antibiotics, played a direct inhibitory effect on pathogenic microorganisms, and thus reduce and inhibit the disease.

Third is to improve the utilization of chemical fertilizers. Present an unreasonable application of fertilizer resulted in pollution of the environment, mainly due to fertilize the soil, apart from some of the crops absorb, the considerable part of leaching in the soil or fixed. The microbial fertilizer in nitrogen fixation and decomposition by microorganisms can provide some nutrients crops, but also can promote the absorption by plant roots in soil nutrients at the same time to enhance some of the mobility of the slower absorption of nutrients. Some microbes can also secrete a number of plant growth-stimulating hormone, organic acids and amino acids to promote robust plant growth, nutritional status improved.

Fourth, improving quality of crops. Use of microbial fertilizers in improving quality of agricultural products, such as protein, sugar, vitamins, etc. has a good effect on the content, and some reduce nitrate accumulation.

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