1. Whether diesel is resistant to burning has a great relationship with the distillation range of diesel. The 95% distillation temperature in the national standard cannot be higher than 365 degrees. If the 95% distillation temperature of diesel is close to this value, the more durable, but not the more The higher the height, the distillation range is an important indicator to ensure the rapid evaporation and combustion of diesel in the engine combustion chamber. In order to ensure good low temperature start-up performance, there should be some light components (130~160 °C). The temperature of the 50% fraction of light diesel oil should be lower than 300 °C to ensure the average evaporation performance during combustion, which is conducive to smooth combustion. The temperature of the 95% fraction of light diesel oil should be lower than 365 °C, otherwise it will not evaporate and burn in time in the high-speed diesel engine, causing coking and exhausting of the combustion chamber to emit black smoke.


  1. Diesel has different numbers, and the basis for dividing the diesel number is the freezing point of diesel. At present, the domestic application of light diesel oil is divided into six numbers according to the freezing point: 5# diesel, 0# diesel, -10# diesel, -20# diesel, -35# diesel and -50# diesel. The selection of diesel fuel with different labels should be determined mainly according to the temperature at the time of use. In general, 5# diesel is suitable for use when the temperature is above 8 °C.