Bending machineWhat is Renewable Energy? Renewable energy is that source of energy that does not diminish and gets their replenishment of energies from other natural sources like wind, sun, flowing water, geothermal flows of heat and biological processes.

With the depletion in resources of fossil fuel there seems to be a growing demand for solutions that can generate the same output but will not die out at the same time. Using energy resources also is environmentally friendly as we are only taking what nature has to offer, and generating energy from it.

Almost 18 % of energy consumption globally was from energy sources in the year 2006. The Geysers in United States, California is one of the world’s largest geothermal installations. The leader in Ethanol fuel is Brazil, this fuel drawn out of sugarcane, is used to drive vehicles. The highest ownership in household solar is Kenya, where most of the households draw their energy from solar power stations.

With so much happening globally in terms of renewable resources, several countries now have passed legislations that will help increase its use. This has seen a trend in increase in market demand for newer technologies in the energy resource industry.

Renewable energy is definitely cost effective and since it can be renewed there is no fear of running out of that source of energy since it is Mother Nature that renews it. As energy resources offer a definitive supply of energy it definitely reduces the dependency on other non renewable energy supplies. Use of energy is also environmentally friendly as it reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making it possible for a cleaner and greener environment.

The use of energy is currently recorded at 15.5% gross in Denmark and is higher than 27% of other generated electricity. By the year 2025, the Danish government proposes to see an increase in the energy consumption upto 30%

The various types from where energy can be drawn are;

Solar Thermal Energy
Wind Power
Wave Power
Geothermal Energy
Biofuel Technologies
Heat Pumps
Waste Incineration

The energy that we now use like petrol and gas are all drawn from non renewable resources, and with it being exploited to the fullest, it won’t be long when we run out of these sources. Why not make use of what Mother Nature has to offer!

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