latex liquid pressure tankThe current state of conventional energy resources nowadays has prompted many people to look for alternative sources to augment their energy needs. Of these, a renewable energy resource is often the most preferred by more energy consumers than other type of energy sources. This is an energy source that is harnessed from renewable sources like nature, which makes them virtually limitless, clean, and environment friendly. These traits make renewable energy a good choice as compared to other forms of energy resources.

Another good thing about renewable energy is that it comes in many kinds. This gives people a wide range of choices suitable for their own needs and preferences. The most common and well – known renewable energy source is the sun which produces solar energy, water which can be acquired from rivers, tides, the waves and even the rain, and wind which makes use of windmills and turbines to be able to provide energy. Aside from these, other forms of renewable energy are geothermal, biofuel and wastes. The question then is this: Which of the various renewable energy sources is the best?

The first thing that needs to be considered is availability. Almost all forms of energy have this characteristic. However, the difference lies in the level of availability. Solar and water are no.1 in this category followed by wind and wastes. The rest follow in no specific order as these will depend on the factor that man has yet to discover more plausible sources for geothermal, and biofuel energy.

The next factor in choosing the best energy resource is the technological development. This is important, as this will enable the efficient and effective harnessing of the energy resource. In this regard, the winner in this category is water power as this has already been used for a very long time. Dams that are placed on bodies of water have been utilized by man for over a long time to provide power for a variety of uses the most prominent of which is electricity. In this factor, the least plausible would be solar energy, as this needs a more advanced technology in order to be utilized by more people.

The third thing that must be considered is the cost of harnessing all the different energy resources. This involves gathering or harvesting the resource and converting it into its usable form. This will depend on the first two factors as they will determine the probable amount of cost that will be required for a specific energy resource. Now, research is still in progress in order to cut the costs needed for each type of renewable energy resource.

These are the three major issues that need to be addressed when it comes to selecting the best renewable energy resource. As of now, there is still no clear-cut winner, but the most important thing is that these energy resources are the key to supplementing the world’s growing energy needs and solving some of the issues that conventional energy sources are providing in this world.

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