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Everyone is familiar with renewable source of energy such as wind, sun, water and non-renewable source of energy such as fossil fuels. Almost everyone is familiar with these resources. This is because due to the reason that our familiar and traditional sources are polluting the earth and the atmosphere, these resources has been exhausted rapidly. There it is the time to think and make use of the renewable resource more to avoid more harm to the earth and to the environment.

Basically there are two different types of renewable energy i.e. solar energy and wind energy. Apart from these there is another type hydro energy but it is very less popular for individual use. It deals with using water to generate electricity with the help of dams. Dams are constructed with water turbine to turn generators to produce electricity, along the river side and hence not feasible for the individual to live near the river side.

Two of them are very popular and cost effective since today you can implement the use of solar or wind energy. Let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy produced by the sun reaction kettle and wind. As we know that every source has its own advantages and disadvantages so as these renewable sources also has. Energy collected by solar cell through the sun is the biggest advantage as sun’s energy is free and does not pollute the earth. One might be able to think this as a disadvantage that the sun did not shine at night but you do not need it for twenty-four hours.

On the other hand wind like the sun, blows everyday but when it is still or not windy enough to produce power, you can draw power from storage batteries of from the power company. The advantage of using wind is that it is free of cost and possibly available everywhere and all the time. With the advancement in technology the power of wind mill can be stored in batteries for future use. Also it did not pollute the environment either, so it is good for the environment as well.

All and all the biggest advantage for the renewable energy is that they are free to use and did not pollute the environment. With the advancement in both solar and wind power in the past years you can easily implement these sources at the lower rate.

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