As the amount of fossil fuel decreases and the cost gasoline increases, there is a greater need for finding renewable sources of energy. Through the gasification process, biofuel involves the formation of syngas that could be converted into energy. The gasification process decomposes waste by exposing it high temperatures wherein it limits the amount of oxygen that is present during disintegration. Incineration is very different than gasification and as we all know that incineration emits a harmful gas that causes a negative impact in our health and environment. It emits a harmful gas that contributes to our growing concern of air pollution.

This waste to energy methods has the ability to process 30 million tons of rubbish every year that is able to generate electricity that could meet the needs of 2.4 million household. Gasification process averts the release of green house gases into the atmosphere and contributes to the reduction of waste worldwide. Innovative biosphere facilities provides a much cleaner nation rather countries that still depends on fossil fuel energy source. These plants are being mandated by the government to ensure that they do not contribute any harmful gases into the atmosphere. These plants achieve their maximum control over emitting harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Biosphere technology plants prove to be an effective method in proper waste disposal methods and reduction that contributes to its environmental benefits. It has aimed its goal towards effectively saving the environment and towards cost efficient energy consumption. According to the U.S Department of energy, they have tagged waste to energy as a most important part of diminishing carbon dioxide emissions in our atmosphere. The energy that is produced by this one of a kind technology, proved itself to be cost efficient and sustainable. Through the process of gasification, it chemically and physically changes mass generating a much reliable source of renewable energy.

Regulating the harmful emissions and waste through the gasification process, it would eliminate the highest contributor of global warming. It protects the environment and provides sustainable energy and efficient by products that could be used in various industries. Carbon emissions that have been locked up in fossil fuel deposits drives global warming that affects the world’s climate. Companies that supports zero waste strategies relies towards an ample approach that would take account towards waste reduction and provides useful benefits such as waste to energy consumption.

Nowadays producing and utilizing green energy from waste is becoming the new trend in the Philippines. Landfill scarcity is becoming the major concern of the Philippine government and they are finding new ways in order to solve this, they had partnered themselves with Mr. Ronald Flynn to start making a change in some parts of the nation. Upon proving the biosphere technology could avert the growing cause of global warming, the undertaking would go not only nationwide but for the whole world to avail as well. The success of waste to energy project takes us a step closer to aiding the ailing environment and saving the entire human race as well as others species who rely on this planet.

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