The advantages of using maintenance management software at a factory are immense. This is why thousands of factories each year purchase or upgrade their factory maintained software. One of the most important reasons is the maintenance software allows management to implement and track their work orders. They can get exact information about any work order at any given moment in time. The data can be aggregated and accumulated then put into report format. This means a savings of payroll over the long run. No longer does it require labor to keep track of this vital information. Furthermore, there is a real savings in paper and other incidental office expenses when work orders are timely tracked with computer software.

The timely tracking of work orders also means prompt maintenance and repair of critical equipment. This is because the maintenance software will let the manager instantly know when a work order is over due or incomplete. It can send an email or even call a cell phone with vital work order information and scheduling. This saves the manager time and saves the company money due to down time and needless repairs. A lack of scheduled maintenance can be at the heart of rising repair budgets. Furthermore, one break down can bring a factory’s production line to a crawl or a stand still. Every moment a factory is idle or inefficient due to a break down can cost the company many thousands of dollars. However, the maintenance software can prevent much this. The savings by preventing one break down can quickly pay for factory maintenance software many times over.

Another benefit is the software can keep track of the machine’s history and productivity. It can measure performance and calculate return on investment. This can be highly advantageous when deciding what equipment to replace, and when to replace it. Each expenditure on machinery needs to produce a profit as well reduce operating costs. Any machine that is not meeting these expectations can be quickly removed from production and replaced. This strategy works especially well when leasing equipment. Once the maintenance software discovers a machine is not fulfilling the company’s needs, it can be returned to the leasing firm and replaced with another one.

Finally, maintenance software is expandable and can keep track of inventory Petroleum and parts. No longer will a company have to buy parts they already have. The software will report to the manager what items are in stock and how many items are available. If a company already has hydraulic oil in stock, the software can prevent reordering until the inventory level reaches a certain point.

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