Storage benches are plastic benches that have built in compartments that function as lockers beneath the seating area. Each individual bench has room for three people, with three respective compartments located directly beneath the seating area for each person.
The locker-like compartments can be secured by either a combination lock or key-operated padlock. This makes them effectively as reliable as larger standing lockers, but in many ways, far more practical as well.

Many users have come to feel that this is the most convenient way of storing essentials, personal items, and even valuables. Units are vandal resistant, and they are designed to last 20 years without rusting, breaking, or wearing out under normal use.

Storage benches are used anywhere space consolidation, budgetary spending, or personal convenience is a high priority.
It is obvious that a bench with a built in locker is going to take up far less space than a typical bench with a row of lockers in front of it.

It is also less expensive to invest in an amenity that does two things at once (in this case, providing a person with a seat and a storage compartment) than it is to buy two separate amenities at greater cost.

Finally, some people just find it more convenient to store and retrieve items from a seated position than having to stand up. In many cases it makes it easier to change clothes and it is also makes it possible to keep one’s valuables from being too visible to persons around you.

Storage benches are consequently used extensively in many different types of locker rooms.
The most obvious examples are athletic locker rooms with limited available space. Bench lockers here give people plenty of security in storing valuables while exercising and consume very little space in the process.

Examples include the lockers you see at small private gyms. Here, they prove invaluable for wallet and car key storage, along with plenty of room for shoes and day clothes.

Public swimming pools can use them to provide clean towels and sun block to guests, along with giving guests a place to store clothes while swimming.

Other types of locker rooms are used in public service and industry.
Industrial facilities often have shower areas where employees have to change out of uniform back into day clothes. Offshore oil rigs also have these shower areas.

Both factories and offshore drilling companies provide workers with storage benches where they can keep clean clothes to change into at the end of a shift.

Fire departments and police departments also have locker rooms that use these special benches for storing the personal effects of public servants.

In terms of what you can actually store in a storage bench, size is the only consideration.
Provided the item(s) or clothing can fit into the locker area without being damaged or wrinkled, any type of valuable, personal item, or article of clothing can be stored here. Many companies also use them to store tool boxes to prevent tools from growing legs and walking from one toolbox to another.

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