There are many types of engineering jobs. Most, if not all, require a person to have some creative skills, as well as mathematical and scientific expertise. The types of engineers are broadly classified as mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical. There are many subcategories. In all of these fields, people must try to design and build things to solve problems and, hopefully, make society better. They must do this by keeping in mind just how feasible their design will be to build and if it is worth the cost.

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A mechanical engineer is one who has been trained to design mechanical systems, and practices designing mechanical systems. They may work on vacuum technology, power systems, transportation products, weapon systems, aircraft, kinematic chains, vibration isolation, or any other physical machine. An electrical engineer works on a rather large number of electrical items and systems. This includes telecommunications, computers, fiber optics, electronic circuits, electronic devices, electromagnetic devices, generators, circuits, and many others.

If somebody goes into civil engineering they will likely help to design and construct structures the public uses daily. They also work on structures for private individuals. Their job description may involve large buildings, bridges, roads, water supply, railroads, water treatment systems and other structures we all use. A chemical engineer works with chemical processing, usually on a large scale. They may develop new types of fuel, which are hopefully better and less polluting than what people are using now.

All of these engineering jobs usually require a large amount of education. How much will depend largely on the field and subcategory one chooses. A relatively new growing field is software engineering. In this field, a person will help improve software in hopes of making it better and cheaper. Someone in an environmental field works with water treatment and its impact on the environment. If somebody is in the agricultural field, they might be involved in chemical or mechanical engineering, depending on if they are making machines for agricultural purposes, or something animal or plant biology related. They help with devising better ways to make food available for people and livestock.

A person’s interest will help them decide which field to pursue. If somebody grew up playing with boats, they may like marine engineering where they can try to build a better boat. If somebody likes to play with Legos and blocks, they may like to go into the architectural field. There they can use their passion for building to make marvelous structures and overcome many building problems. They will also work on making structures that are safe from all kinds of weather and natural disasters.

All of these fields of engineering jobs are involved in making things better. A sales engineer is almost like a glorified sales person, but they are highly educated and more able to help consumers make good purchasing decisions and use their products. They are the ones who help with troubleshooting today’s troublesome Marathon technology. These jobs may take a lot of training, but the right people can get this done.

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