When you think about the sports, you may have to wonder what the top five sports of the world are. It is possible that you may be amazed or even shocked and the answers depending upon where you live and the sports that you were brought up on. One of the most popular sports is Association football better known as soccer. Believe it or not, this sport is followed by people all over the country by young, old, men and women. It is delivered by television in 202 countries and has a following.

Another popular sport in the world that makes the list is cricket. You may think that this sport is boring and not popular but, it would seem that many would disagree with you. This sport is actually second when it comes the large sporting event and has an audience that of five billion or more. It also brings in a lot of money from viewers and spectators. When you look at the USA, basketball seems to come in third. All over the country people are joining this sport each and every day. You will also find that currently the United States and Spain actually have the gold medals for this sport.

Of course you cannot leave out the all American pastime of baseball. They say that this sport is all about apple pie and tradition and seems as though they may be right. There are over 100 nations that participate in this sport and this sport draws in a major crowd everywhere. It is a sport that seems to have something for everyone and kids are drawn to this sport. You cannot help it when you go to a game that you feel as though you need a hot dog in the stands to feel as though you are part of the game.

ice machine installationBut, when you think about the United States and the most popular sport than you are thinking about American football. This is a sport that is loved everywhere that you go and it got its start from English soccer and rugby. More than half the nation is in love with this sport and people everywhere are always looking for new about the NFL. This sport league is the richest in the world and their attendance record of watching visitors surpasses anything that you have ever seen. This includes fans that watch from home on the television to those that are in the stands faithfully.

Of course there are other sports that make the list in the top of their game such as ice hockey and tennis but you are going to find that there are just some sports that people follow a little more and take more interest in than others. The United States is the defending champion in the world cup for football and the crowd can get ruthless when they are supporting their team. You may feel that a different sport should take a better ranking because it is your favorite but on a whole, these take the cake.

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