All of us have heard about the importance of green food. However only few of us realize how essential it is to grow a healthy plant and supply proper nutrients to it so that food supply remains uninterrupted. Foods from green group of plants are the best for health. You should always have green vegetables in your diet. While discussing greens’ importance, it is important to explain the working of plant nutrients. Selection of right nutrients for plants helps in creating quality green food.

The color of the leaves in plant is green because of the presence of chlorophyll, the plant pigment. Chlorophyll is like blood-the only thing is it has a magnesium atom at center and hydrocarbons tail in place of iron. Thus this molecule is soluble in fats only. Chlorophyll absorbs red and violet light and looks green. It is the capacity of absorption that makes the color of the plant green. The absorption capacity hides the other colors of plants. You can see the other natural colors of plants like brown, red and amber only in autumn when the molecule of chlorophyll decomposes.

The nutrition that is derived from a plant depends on its growth environment. Humidity, temperature, soil properties, sunlight hours makes the difference between plants which won’t create nutrients that are required and a healthy plant. Consumption of a healthy plant full of rich nutrients can ensure a healthy life for you. So as a grower of plant it is essential that you create a situation conducive to the healthy growth of plant. For this it is essential that you supply the right raw nutrient to the growing plant.

Green vegetable leaf is the best resource of folic acids and folates – a component of vitamin B which is needed for reproduction and growth of cells. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is available in high amounts in green leaves especially in broccoli, spinach, parsley and kiwi. Other components that are valuable are carotenoids, saturated red to yellow pigments in plants. They are vitamin A components. Vitamin A has a great role in supporting the immune system. Potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc are also present in green foods. Intake of green foods is thus necessary for maintaining good human health. Thus agriculture or gardening of green foods is essential.

The nutrients that are present in green plants are essential to live a healthy life. People mostly consider taking salad during or before a meal. But salad does not have all the nutrients in it that are essential. Vegetables differ in richness of the nutrients. Only proper cultivation technique can ensure nutrient rich vegetables. One of the essential criterions to produce nutrient rich green products is supplying the growing plant with required nutrients in form of fertilizer and manures. Know what is most suited for the plant and supply it accordingly. This will help you to create plants which have high value nutrient and which are beneficial for human consumption.

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Gardening is not an easy task as it seems. Growing plants need utmost care and a choice of the right plant nutrients. The author of this article has explained the necessity of amenity and plant nutrients in many articles like this. When it comes to buying plant nutrients, he recommends Angus Horticulture. Angus Horticulture is a small family business that offers quality product and high service standards to their customers.

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