The new energy strategy for the future, the need for new equipment, technical support. With the current dramatic changes in the mainstream energy market, the market value of new energy equipment will accompany the new energy’s emergence and rapid development. In addition to concern the market has been widely Nuclear energy , Wind Energy , There are a lot of new energy markets are being developed, the appropriate equipment, the market should also receive attention, new energy and equipment are constantly rising.

Huludao efforts to build new energy Equipment manufacturing Base

Huludao up the state invest in traditional industries and chemical industry base, but also the development of Liaoning coastal economic belt “One Line” strategy, an important node in the city, the equipment manufacturing industry has a good foundation for the development of new energy equipment with favorable conditions. Meanwhile, countries in this region is also one of the important energy industry clusters, coal and offshore oil and gas, coal and wind power industry sizable. Marine energy, wind power, biomass is rich in resources, planning implementation of Xingcheng Xu Davao 6 100MW Nuclear power Station is to start preliminary work, the total installed capacity of mines and enterprises 40500KW head wind power project has been approved by the NDRC in Liaoning Province. Huludao more advantage is located in the coastal city of Northeast China Economic Circle, the region is China’s equipment manufacturing industry town, new energy equipment manufacturing has been in the nation. This Huludao complete the construction of new energy supply and installation of equipment to provide an excellent opportunity.

Huludao ice-free port is a natural harbor in northern China, has formed 10 million tons handling capacity, using the port advantage, through the integration of equipment manufacturing resources in Northeast China, the formation of new energy equipment, system integration capabilities, a regional new energy. To Pak Kong-based Industrial Park Economic Development Zone in Liaoning Province Huludao determined to revitalize the coastal economic belt “One Line” strategy of key development areas. After three years of development work and has now formed a complete industrial infrastructure development sites. Of which 28.8 square kilometers according to the new energy equipment manufacturing industry base for planning and positioning, new energy equipment manufacturing industry, nuclear power equipment manufacturing base will mainly drive the development of new energy sources other industries. Planning area is Huludao North Port Industrial Park as the core, Huludao City-based energy equipment industry. Industries include nuclear, wind, solar, biomass and other renewable energy equipment industry. Planning horizon is divided into two phases, the first from 2010 to 2015, this stage development of the industry and the cultivation stage. The second stage, from 2015 to 2020, this stage for industry upgrading and expansion stage.

Many experts believe that Huludao efforts to build new energy equipment manufacturing base, according to state industrial policies and new energy master plan relies on the backbone of the domestic enterprise, create new energy autonomy, made into a complete set of platforms and equipment, improve layout of the country’s new energy industry and supporting systems. This will undoubtedly form a new national energy strategy, strong support, and the domestic nuclear power and other new energy industries to ensure sustained and rapid development of reliable, meaningful project is very important. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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