Ceramic pall ringInfraComfort is becoming very popular due to its comfort technology that keeps you warm for a long time. This type of product is more popular in the geographical areas where the winter seasons last for long periods of time. Along with warmness, it also offers protection from dust and pollution and thus, contributes to healthy living. There are many companies that manufacture InfraComfort every year as it has become a necessity for so many people. It is advised to be purchases from the reliable and trustworthy company.

InfraComfort uses infrared technology which is the sun’s natural heatwave to provide you with warmness. It is the most natural way of heating and releases the heat to the rooms gradually to provide a consistent and comfortable temperature. Compared to other existing heating systems that work on high electricity, consumption of gas or oil, InfraComfort saves money and hardly requires any maintenance. The heating technology gives efficient warmness to the ceiling, walls and furniture’s and keeps the home environment clean. There are many reasons to use InfraComfort including:

No cold floors, windows and walls, removes dust particles, never feeling too cold or too hot due to unequal distribution of heat, no more condensation on bathroom mirrors and windows and no dry air

Energy Saving InfraComfort is considered as an energy saver because: It comes with an airflow facility which facilitates convective heating making the air circulate proper. The technology uses infrared waves for heating for sustainable and low-cost heating. The product prevents the circulation of dry-air. The humidity remains normal at 45% to 55%.

Healthy and safety It is completely safe to use and doesn’t causes any kind of heath problems. The waves of infrared have no relation with X-Ray or UV waves. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any health risks when using the product.

Low Maintenance The product doesn’t contain any moving parts so maintaining the device becomes easier. The product can work efficiently for more than 30 years.

High comfort with low energy With InfraComfort heat panels installed in your house comfort becomes even higher because of this: No cold floors and walls, no mold, no smells, saves money, no dry air, no condensation, no dust movement and no excessive noise.

The investment involved in the product is not much and is 50% cheaper as compared to gas or oil based system. Electrical Requirements If you are planning to install the InfraComfort, it will need 710 Watts of electricity to power the system. You can plug it into standard power point. If you are planning to install it during the renovation or while building a new house, you are advised to consult a local registered electrician who can guide you well. InfraComfort heating panels are ideally suited for apartments allowing central heating advantages such as low cost energy consumption and harmonized heating of the entire dwelling at the lowest cost possible without disturbing the structure. Suitable for every home, apartment and work area no matter what size – this is a new heating solution never experienced, before!

Advice provided by Mary Richardson of Econnect Energy providing Infracomfort UK along with a range of renewable energy solutions including solar pv & thermal, biomass, heat pumps and wind to a wide range of sectors including commercial, retail, public sector, agriculture and the domestic market.