With the increasing price of crude oil, meeting the basic needs of people is affecting in a dangerous level. From food price to cost of living it has affected in a Petroleum Production Equipment vigorous manner. The concept for need for renewable energy caught everyone attention globally. Even though nuclear energy has become a controversial topic after its first test in the beginning of 20th century, its importance and urgency was never sidelined. As we know the fossil fuels contribute more to pollution, causing a severe thereat to the “green house effect uranium, the nuclear fuel is nature’s gift for pollution a free environment.

Many countries had already relay on nuclear power plant to meet its power demand. Around 15% of world’s electricity is generated from nuclear power plant. Some countries had already depended more on this energy. Do you know France rank first in producing around 77% of electricity from nuclear power plant? And second being Lithuania with an average of 65 percent nuclear energy.
Considering the disasters occurred at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, US, WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators) in 1989 went on to ensure a global safety culture in operating nuclear reactors. Under this an international standard guidelines for security measures are maintained all over the world.

Its guidelines are reviewed according to the standards of UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA.

The nuclear power plant components are designed and manufactured with at most care. The nuclear power plant welder’s are regarded as one of the highly skilled worker. With the increase in nuclear power plants across the world, several high standard organizations are offering certificate courses in welding technology in nuclear power plants, oil rigs etc. And above all, this sector requires highly trained workers to manage maintenance and repair works like Welding, monitoring etc.

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