Due to the short supplies of non-renewable energy like natural gas, petroleum and coal there are a number of huge challenges that are posed to the population of the world. The depletion of these sources mixed with a rising energy need means that we need to find a way to decrease how much of these fossil fuels that we use. This, however, is very difficult due to the use of these for everything from cooking to transportation.

Rising energy costs are directly tied to this dwindling supply of nonrenewable sources. Political and economical climates are other factors that can be related to this, especially in the areas where they are in abundance. In order to become dependent from our reliance on these energy forms and advance the growth of societies, we must think of and develop energy alternatives.

The environmental impact is the most important concern that people need to be made aware of when it comes to non-renewable energy sources. The need for energy that is cleaner has come in part from the production of electricity and emissions from vehicles that have polluted the water we drink and air that we breathe. There is a domino effect of droughts, floods, storms and rising sea levels that have come as a result of the global warming caused by the pollution.

In spite of these challenges, we are also witnessing an age in which technology advances faster than ever, which means that we already have the knowledge and innovation necessary to solve our energy crisis. The sources of renewable energy have the answer.

We can harness the power of water, wind and the sun to create electricity for household and commercial use as well as to power vehicles. While people tend to use these methods already, there needs to be a higher global interest in order for them to be more efficient and develop more. With expanding energy needs, there needs to be solutions on offer so here are a few examples that could be used.

Solar power is energy radiated from the sun and captured on photovoltaic cells. Hydropower is a force that comes from the movement of large amounts of water. It is possible to make energy from the steam and hot water on the earth’s surface and this is called Geothermal power. Turbines and windmills are what help towards wind power as they are churned with atmospheric winds.

These sources are wholly sustainable, making them optimal for the use of a growing population. In addition, they produce little to no pollution, which makes them better alternatives to burning coal, oil and natural gas. However, with new energy sources come new challenges that will be necessary to confront if we want to use them to power more of our daily activities. For example, renewable energy sources usually don’t produce the same amount of energy that can come from burning fossil fuels, making them less efficient. They also depend on atmospheric and weather conditions such as rainfall, sunshine and steady winds, which are often unpredictable and impossible to control.

These new challenges can be met easily with a flexible approach to energy production that doesn’t rely too much on one particular source. And the fact still remains that more in-depth research on renewable energy can help us figure out how to make it more effective, more accessible to different populations and cheaper to use.

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