Producing and consuming energy is a very dirty business for the most part. This might not be breaking news, but the extent of this very real problem seems to be a political question open to debate. What can be done about energy consumption? Do we use less? Can we use different resources? Should we invest in cleaner energy sources? What types of new energy sources should be invested in. That is the most important question. What is going on regarding global warming? Can we do anything about it? What will be the impact on society as well as individuals if we find new energy sources and combat global warming?

And what make it worse is that different political views are being screamed from the sidelines to the point that it turns people off to the point that they just don’t care. This system guarantees gridlock and partisanship, but it has been the norm for so long that people are just used it it being that way.

Leaving these important questions up to the politicians hasn’t worked very well. So, it’s very important that everybody understands the issues so we can make informed decisions when voting for candidates. Understanding the issues will also help, on a smaller level, to know what is best for you and your family.

Understanding Where We Are and How We Got Here

The simple fact is that energy is a very important part of our lives and economy as a whole. Energy is used in almost everything we do, whether or not we are aware of it. Life expectancy in the U.S. has increased 66 percent over the last century (from 47 years in 1900 to 78 years today). Americans, for the most part, are more secure and knowledgeable about the world around them and are living longer, healthier lives. Life is much better than it used to be because the the advances in technology and medicine. These advances all took a great deal of energy.

To make any kind of claim that energy consumption has been anything but necessary for mankind is completely false. The problem certainly isn’t with energy itself, it is with the way the energy is being used and what types are being used.

It’s becoming clear now that energy use is a zero sum game. We pay for as much as we gain, but what we pay for this usage is still unclear. Obviously you pay money for each gallon of gas used, but we are learning that we are paying in health and environmental costs also. The most fundamental concept that this article can teach is this: The U.S. (and by extension, the world) does not have an energy crisis. Rather, we have an environmental energy policy crisis. The U.S. has all the energy it wants to use. The big question is how to use this and what limitations should be set on how the environment is affected through that usage. To answer that, you need to know the energy use in the past, present, and future. Author Box Art Goodman has 1 articles online

My name is Art Goodman and I really enjoy helping to save the environment. I have studied Clean Energy Sources for years. I have put together the best resources I could find and put them on my website. If you hurry, I am offering a FREE report on Renewable Energy and Other Money Saving Secrets

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