Guangzhou City is applying for national energy-saving and new energy vehicles to promote the pilot demonstration cities, may be increased among the 7 cities. This will increase to two pilot cities in Guangdong. Under the policy favorable in recent days, including the hybrid Camry, BYD F3DM dual-mode electric vehicles and passenger cars such as Guangzhou Guangdong gas production of new energy vehicles have been in succession plan new energy “left.”

Announced last year the first experimental demonstration and popularization of new energy vehicles in 13 cities, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, but not short-listed. State Council executive meeting last year decided to expand to 20 pilot cities. “Guangzhou is expected to increase in new among this group of pilot cities.” Industry sources said the. It is understood that pilot projects around the promotion of new energy vehicles are motivated, the State Council decided to expand the scope of the pilot. The upcoming Asian Games in Guangzhou will also be an opportunity to promote new energy vehicles and platforms, Guangzhou Automobile Hybrid Electric Bus, and other new energy vehicles will be unveiled, it also increases the number of pilot cities of Guangzhou shortlisted new possibilities.

At present, the central government on the pilot model cities to promote public services related to buying and using energy-saving and new energy vehicles for one-off fixed grants. The State Council will also select five cities on the private purchase of energy-saving and new energy vehicles to subsidize pilot. “It has become increasingly uncertain policy environment.” The official said BYD Auto.

It is understood that recently has received wide steam passenger Ministry of Industry and directory, for the first time can be mass produced hybrid city bus. Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Camry hybrid car will be officially listed in April, Guangdong, this is the first mass-produced hybrid car. BYD Auto OK, will start in March 29 F3DM dual-mode electric vehicle for personal sales, which is the first electric car for personal sales.

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