Are you over dependent on coal and petroleum? Then prepare for a day when you wont have their supplies. It may come as a surprise to many, but coal and petroleum are likely to run out of stock in the next 50-100 years throughout the world. This might push the global economy on the verge of collapse as human race has become excessively dependent on industry manufacture of energy. The humungous growth of human population and ever increasing energy consumption threaten our future.

It is time we start putting our time and effort behind investing in renewable energy before its too late. Energy generated from non-renewable sources has become apart of our everyday lives. What about a day when the supplies of petroleum and coal will stop, are we mentally or logistically prepared for that? Investing in renewable energy is no longer a question of choice, but a must for the human race.

Investing in renewable energy has a lot of pros and very few cons. In the recent years there has been some awareness, but sadly it hasnt achieved popularity owing to various reasons one of them being commercial interest of a certain class. Another reason has been the ignorance about the threats that usage of fossil fuels poses to the environment. Let us now see some of the advantages of investing in renewable energy:

Renewable sources of energy are much more cost effective compared to traditional fuels. The cost of setting up renewable energy plants may be high, but the operational cost is negligible and almost zeros in most cases.

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Water, wind and sunlight are abundantly available on the planet, which makes investing in renewable energy a secure thing for the future. Compared to that of coal and petroleum resources, which are depleting globally.

Investing in renewable energy is advantageous, as they do not cause pollution to the environment like fossil fuels. Our Ozone layer has been depleted and harming the planet by the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Renewable energy is most of the times locally created unlike coal and petroleum, which are concentrated in certain regions of the world leading to energy threats that are used on occasion.

Investing in renewable energy can earn you huge tax benefits for your organization. Most governments across the world are giving tax benefits to organizations.

Individuals can create renewable sources of energy, like electricity from solar power or wind power, at home. This gives a lot of freedom to people especially in the far-flung areas of the developing world, which havent been electrified as yet.

All these things make investing in renewable energy a must for every citizen and every government. There is no place on earth, which isnt blessed with either sunlight or strong winds, or abundant water resource so creating energy from these isnt a problem. The commercial interest of a few players need to be kept aside and their needs to be a global agreement on the issue as there are many countries, but only one planet. Author Box Wain Wright has 1 articles online

Renewable Energy has proven to meet the needs of millions. Future generations will come to depend on the ability of Renewable Energy innovations. For more information. Click investing in renewable energy

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