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Fire source is Fire The birthplace of the combustion and explosion caused by the direct cause. Therefore, to prevent the fire should be a good 10 kinds of fire control, specifically:

1, a variety of everyday fire ignited, is the most common type of fire, the use must be controlled well.

2, businesses and industries use Electric Equipment, due to overload operation, short circuit, poor contact, and the nature of lightning, static electricity sparks, etc., can make the combustible gas, combustible material combustion, in use must be safe and protective.

3, near the firewood stove or flue, wood, wooden, tight together in high-temperature steam pipe on combustible dust, fibers; high-power light bulb next to the paper, clothing, baking time is too long, will lead to combustion .

4, in the refine and test and baking process, because of poor temperature control or automatic control failure, will fire, or even fire.

5, fried foods or other substances, without heat to pile up, or in a bag, but also converged hot fire, you must pay attention to cooling.

6, heat treated parts of enterprises, stacked on a greasy floor, or stacked next to flammable materials (such as wood), easy to fire, should be put in a safe place.

7, in neither fire nor heat conditions, lignite, wet straw, wheat straw, cotton, rapeseed, soybean, and stained with dynamic, vegetable oil of cotton yarn, gloves, clothing, wood, metal scrap, polishing dust, and Wipe off equipment, tarpaulin, etc. piled together for too long, will heat itself, when the conditions are ripe, may cause Spontaneous Combustion Should spare no effort in handling.

8, meet different types of material, and sometimes lead to spontaneous combustion. Oxygen exposure, such as oil and the strong chemical reaction occurs, causing combustion.

9, friction and impact. Such as iron and cement the impact will cause sparks, combustible material can cause a fire event.

10, insulation compression, heat chemical reaction, can cause heating, so that fuel is added to the ignition point.

The formation of fire requires the following three conditions: can be combustible, air and fire, three short of a fire that can not form. On fire control is to prevent an important aspect of fire. Whether for business or personal, in the usual attention to controlling the formation of the fire source, such as attention to electrical safety, high-rise fire prevention. Is currently in the autumn season, is Forest fires The peak period should avoid forest fire. If a fire occurs, it should have the necessary self knowledge: the case of fire are complex and very rapid fire development can not have any standard method, only the normal routine to take some self-help approach.

(1) The fire started small, should take prompt measures, beginning as soon as possible to fight the fire, this is the most beneficial way, or try to slow the fire’s development, in order to facilitate self-help.

(2) increasing the fire can not be immediately extinguished, there is the risk of fire under siege, managed to escape as soon as possible. If the windows and doors, passages, stairs have been smoke seal, do not be washed out when can the head, and poured some cold water or wet towels, wet blankets to wrap the head with a wet blanket wet blankets, wet sheets wrapped around the body, then out of danger zone. If you smoke too much, choke, breathless, can mask or towel over his nose and mouth, the body moving as close to the ground or crawling through the danger zone.

(3) when the staircase has been blown, the channel has been blocked, they should stay calm, try to get a place of safety from other transfer.

Fire focus on prevention, attention to fire prevention, fire safety information, safety awareness, improve the overall needs of everyone involved. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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