It is quite unfortunate that man is going on wasting the resources he has been blessed with. These resources are not only limited but once exhausted, they can never be substituted. Sustaining these resources for the future is the call of the hour. Today’s environment is facing a series of serious crisis. The increasing use of electricity consumption in the present times is posing serious threats to the environment today. Light is one of the most important, indispensable sources of energy on earth, necessary for all living creatures.
There can be no denial to the fact that environmental concern is on the rise. With the budding awareness people are becoming more aware than ever. They are willing to work for the betterment of the environment. Various measures have been taken to replace the old traditional instruments with the new, innovative ones. Initially, yellow bulbs were the most frequently used lights. They seemed to have been used in almost every single house. Today these bulbs are on the verge of dying. One of the primary reasons behind this shift was the significant consumption of electricity and the damage done to the environment, by excessively heating up the area where it was used. Today, majority of the people are using eco friendly lights. These are not only effective for the environment but also save money in the electricity bills.
These days, energy saving lighting is used by a number of indoor as well as outdoor appliances. These devices are proposed to consume less electricity and offer sufficient light. Majority of the buyers have a misconception about such lights. They believe that these energy saving globes are dimmer in comparison to the traditional ones. But in actuality, such a notion is an old-fashioned belief; proficient globes are equally competent as the traditional ones.
Energy saving lights need not be replaced as often as the older ones. They last up to 12 times longer than traditional globes. The energy consumed by them is far lesser which in turn reduces the electricity bills signifying that less electricity are to Barauni be produced. We call them eco friendly because they can be recycled. With the growing use of these a lot of things have been brought under control, yet a lot has to be done by we humans to work for the betterment of the environment. This can be done by following these steps:
-Using Energy Saving Lighting as an alternate to high voltage bulbs and tube lights.
-Switching off lights when it is not essential and avoiding switching on lights during the broad day light.
-Switching off the lights of the room while leaving the room.
Today, light emitting diode or the LED has incalculably gained recognition. They help in saving around 90% in electricity and thereby contributing positive results in carbon reduction. They are definitely the best quality of light bulbs one can find for self. LED’s are often seen to be utilized in TV’s and portable electronic devices. They use substantial amount of energy when compared to other light bulbs. Thus, man today certainly needs to be reminded about the significance of saving electricity and incorporating the use of Energy saving lights, to enhance the quality of living. It is not that he is unaware, but he should recognize the seriousness of the situation around him.

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