Petrochemical plant in the evening time Stock Photo ColourboThe Elk Refinery was a major employer in the area and through its sixty years of existence, petroleum products of every kind were refined and distributed throughout West Virginia. There was little space for growth and since usable actual property was a useful commodity in the narrow valley, a foot bridge was constructed spanning the Elk River to attach the refinery with the north bank at a location that staff might park and stroll throughout to work.

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The peak years had been during the World War II era into the 1950s. By the 1970s, the plant was still working and producing on common 9 carloads every of rail site visitors on three weekday stops with variances owing to supply and demand. In 1983, Pennzoil elected to shut the refinery primarily because of obsolescence as the power was dated and would have required in depth and costly upgrading. This closing was a significant blow to the area economically and to the railroad.

Within the early teenagers, _ELK REFINING Company_ was based in Falling Rock EV. Elk appears to have been formed as an affiliate company of United.

1925-1929 ~ Intensive expansions to the United and Elk refineries allow for the manufacturing of gasoline and gas oil, adding this to their ever rising lubricants enterprise.

1929 ~ The inventory market crashes, and Elk refining is getting ready to enter the retail gasoline and automotive lubricant business via branding and distribution. They are packaging their automotive lubricants as _Elk_ and start marketing Elk Gasoline. _KEYSTONE_ is deemed the brand identify of United_s retail gasoline, and the end of the 30_s the Elk refining stations are promoting Keystone branded gas as properly.